Yeni Raki: A Unique Experience Comes to the UK Market

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 10:12 pm

Yeni Raki 1937, the world-renowned raki brand, is introducing its expertly crafted grape spirits to the UK with a twist of British influence. Now available on Amazon, Yeni Raki is launching in the UK with an exciting ‘It’s Time’ campaign and a range of signature cocktails.

As part of its launch campaign, Yeni Raki is partnering with various hospitality brands across the UK to connect with UK drinkers and introduce them to the traditions of raki. The first partnership is with Hovarda, a popular venue in Soho, for London’s renowned ‘Cocktails in the City‘ event. From July 6th to July 8th, the event will showcase the best cocktails and bars in the country.

Yeni Raki will present three signature cocktails at the event, featuring their classic ‘Yeni Raki 1937’ and the craft variation ‘Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme.’ The cocktails include the ‘Raki Elixir,’ a delightful blend of pear and vanilla; the ‘Basil Sour Dem,’ a refreshing mix of cucumber, basil, and Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme; and the ‘Chili Strawberry Infusion,’ a perfect balance of sweetness and spice. Non-alcoholic versions of the cocktails will also be available.

Guests enjoying Yeni Raki’s signature cocktails will have the opportunity to spin the ‘Spirit to Win It’ wheel and win exclusive prizes. They can also leave a review on the Blade app to receive a complimentary cocktail at Hovarda.

In addition to the cocktail offerings, Yeni Raki will provide complimentary hourly Raki and Mezze tastings, taking guests on a culinary journey through the rich history of Yeni Raki while exploring perfect food pairings.

The celebrations will continue with afterparties at Hovarda, featuring renowned DJs Viton, Derun, and Maia. These afterparties promise an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Yeni Raki aims to educate the UK market about raki, showcasing its rich history and promoting the message that connections know no borders and taste is universal. By offering new cocktails, a bespoke Mezze menu, and engaging partnerships, Yeni Raki hopes to introduce UK consumers to a unique and everlasting experience.

The launch of Yeni Raki in the UK market marks the beginning of a series of exciting events and collaborations for the brand throughout the summer.

To purchase Yeni Raki, visit Amazon, or to attend the Cocktails in the City event, purchase tickets at Stay updated with the latest news by following Yeni Raki on social media @yenirakiglobal, and share your Yeni Raki experience using the hashtag #YeniRakiTime.

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