White Ribbon UK Releases Part 1 Report in Response to Angiolini Inquiry

White Ribbon UK Applauds Publication of Angiolini Inquiry Report on Eradicating Violence Against Women

London, February 29, 2024 – Today, White Ribbon UK welcomes the release of the Angiolini Inquiry, Part 1 Report, which addresses the issue of violence against women and girls. As the leading organization engaging men and boys in the fight against this pervasive issue, White Ribbon UK stands behind the recommendations outlined in the report.

One of the key recommendations, Recommendation 14, calls on police forces to publicly commit to being an anti-sexist, anti-misogynistic, and anti-racist organization. This commitment is crucial in addressing, understanding, and eradicating sexism, racism, and misogyny within the profession, ultimately contributing to a positive culture that removes all forms of discrimination.

According to Anthea Sully, Chief Executive of White Ribbon UK, it is time to recognize that seemingly ‘harmless’ attitudes and behaviors that are sexist, misogynistic, and abusive can no longer be dismissed as ‘jokes’ or harmless comments. These actions perpetuate a culture of violence that must be challenged and rejected by all men. Sully emphasizes that it is men’s responsibility to call out dangerous attitudes and positively influence their friends and colleagues to create a safer society for women.

The voices and experiences of women must be heard and taken seriously. Everyone has the right to live without fear of violence, and White Ribbon UK stands in solidarity with Sarah Everard’s family and all women affected by men’s violence.

White Ribbon UK remains committed to working with decision-makers and organizations to promote positive culture change that rejects misogynistic and violent attitudes and behaviors. The organization eagerly awaits the release of Part 2 of the Report.

For more information on White Ribbon UK and their efforts to eradicate violence against women, please visit their website at https://whiteribbon.org.uk/.

John Smith
Communications Manager
White Ribbon UK
Phone: 01234 567890
Email: johnsmith@whiteribbon.org.uk

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