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Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 08:55 pm

There is a saying about leadership: “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” In business, many organisations accept that they need to switch things up, but unfortunately, the statistics point to a 70% change failure rate when they do. However, there is a man whose wealth of knowledge and experience can help businesses make sure they don’t become a negative statistic.

Chidi Ameke, an advertising, marketing and digital professional with over 20 years of experience in his field, has created a blueprint for organisations to emulate his success.

Chidi Ameke
Chidi Ameke

Growing up in abject poverty in Nigeria, in a village that required him to routinely trek barefoot to the river for clean water, he managed to overcome the odds against him and rise to become a leading luminary in the marketing world. Currently Head of Delivery in Europe for the global customer engagement agency The Marketing Store, the design team behind McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, he’s had an illustrious and varied career that’s seen him to do everything from produce an acclaimed documentary on Elton John to work as an advisory consultant for Dell EMC.

Now, Chidi is launching his first book, to help established organisations effectively manage and survive in the age of digital disruption, which is no mean feat.

The Intelligent Change Management Guide: How To Successfully Lead And Implement Change In Your Organisation, is packed full of methods, strategies and tips that Chidi asserts will help businesses overcome their problems and enable them to effectively engage with stakeholders, who are the ones who’ll ultimately determine the success of an organisation due to their active support. Detailing how to not only navigate change, but to lead and implement it, it’s an ideal resource for businesses looking to achieve the ambitions they’ve set themselves.

Divided into three parts, the book begins with establishing why change in a business is critical. Part two introduces Chidi’s unique process for change management, and delves into stakeholder territory, detailing how best to understand them. Chidi makes this easy to grasp by introducing a range of organisational personas, exploring each profile to give the reader a better understanding of the different motivations that drive people responsible for the success and failure of your company, and how to work with what you have to achieve a successful outcome. The final part of the book then focuses on Chidi’s tried and tested strategies on how to best communicate with different impacted stakeholder groups.

Released this month, organisations who want to do change the right way can pick up his book from Amazon, and start implementing strategies to ensure they’ll avoid common pitfalls and achieve their goals.

Chidi Ameke

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