What is causing the backlash against Apple’s latest iPad advertisement?

Apple’s latest advertisement for its iPad Pro has sparked controversy, with actor Hugh Grant expressing his disapproval of the commercial. The ad, which showcases the thinnest ever iPad, features various creative tools, such as cameras, books, paint cans, and musical instruments, being crushed in an industrial press.

As the machines, including an arcade game, an old-model TV, a record player, and a metronome, are reduced to pieces between two slabs of metal, the top of the press is lifted to reveal the new iPad. The ad is accompanied by Sonny & Cher’s 1972 single “All I Ever Need Is You.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared the ad on social media platform X, writing, “Meet the new iPad Pro… Just imagine all the things it’ll be used to create.” However, the post was met with backlash from users who condemned the destruction of artistic objects. Hugh Grant also retweeted the post, adding, “The destruction of the human experience. Courtesy of Silicon Valley.”

One X user commented, “The symbolism of indiscriminately crushing beautiful creative tools is an interesting choice.” Another stated, “I can’t relate to this video at all. It lacks any respect for creative equipment and mocks the creators.”

Adam Singer, vice president at advertising technology company AdQuick, also weighed in on the ad, calling it the “(unintentional) perfect metaphor for today’s creative dark age.” He further criticized the ad, saying, “Compress organic instruments, joyful/imperfect machines, tangible art, our entire physical reality into a soulless, postmodern, read-only device a multi-trillion dollar corporation controls what you do with.”

Despite the backlash, Apple has not responded to requests for comment from news outlet Sky News. The new iPad Pro, which was released on Tuesday, boasts a new Apple chip and display, and is also the thinnest product from the tech giant.

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