What is a leveling service in online games, who needs it and where to order it using the example of World of Warcraft

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:50 pm

Most online projects are built on the principles of a mixture of pumping and learning the game at each game stage, with a constant increase in complexity and the transition to self-sufficiency for interesting gameplay and the feeling of results from your own efforts.

What is leveling in the game sense

Increasing levels in online games are your steps to improve your character and discover new content and mechanics that require prior preparation.

You can level up in several ways:

  1. Quests are an introductory, one of the most obvious and easiest ways for a player to level up and get gold and equipment, and for developers, this is an ideal mechanic for gradually teaching gamers all the main aspects of the game with a constant increase in game difficulty and introducing the player to all new mechanics . Tasks are primary and secondary – they essentially told about the main ones, there were additional ones. The essence of such quests is in the most diverse rewards and ambiguous assignments, which can be beneficial in terms of the time spent and rewards, or they can be completely useless and will only waste a huge amount of your time.
  2. Grinding is the most obvious way to get levels. You just need to kill monsters and follow the experience bar in order to understand its progress and pumping speed at a given location. You should only be aware of the principles of gaining experience in this way and the benefits – you must always attack enemies several levels higher than you for optimal progress in level and experience. Grind is good because along with pumping you earn gold and always have a chance to knock out additional materials and equipment that can be used to strengthen the hero, or sell for additional income.
  3. Go to the FindCarry service at the link – https://findcarry.com/ and choose a professional player from the service, which will provide you with the pumping service. The advantage of this format is that you skip the monotonous leveling and immediately go to the most interesting content related to PVP, raids and PVE in the best locations with the current drop for the current update. Findcarry monitors all provided services for the honesty and relevance of these services and publishes truthful reviews, deleting suspicious ones in order to avoid cheating. You will be able to see the full list of offers and choose the most suitable for you in terms of price, speed of execution and reviews.

Why you should choose services for pumping levels, and not ordinary players

It’s worth clarifying right away that not all players who provide pumping services do not know how to do this, but it is highly likely that you will have to deal with more than one amateur until you find a really talented and understanding gamer who organizes pumping at the highest level of efficiency and speed.

Also, ordinary players, in fact, do not bear absolutely any responsibility either for the quality of the service or for its implementation. Roughly speaking, if you transfer game gold or real money to such a player, then he can simply leave the game and not fulfill his part of the deal. And just ignore all complaints. The game administration will not help you, since the game currency was transferred voluntarily, and if real money was involved, then there is a chance of getting game sanctions for trying to violate the rules of the project.

As for professional services, the situation is absolutely mirrored.

Firstly, these are reputational risks, the service simply cannot afford to scatter customers, deceive and risk its name and customer safety.

Secondly, it is a systematic and carefully thought-out mechanism for performing services, which are distinguished by their speed, accuracy and efficiency, which is inherent in all professionals in their path.

The third largest, but not important, difference lies in the method of payment and the security of such a transaction. You cannot simply transfer real money to a random player, firstly, due to possible fraud, and secondly, in case of errors of such a booster, you risk getting game sanctions for violating the game rules.

With services, things are completely different – they guarantee the safety of money, secure payment and the performance of services without the knowledge of the game administration, disguising such actions as normal interaction between players and helping each other.

The service can even return your money in case of disputes, which you are unlikely to see from ordinary players, even in transactions with real money, even with in-game gold.

How is the interaction between the player and the professional service

You go to the FindCarry website and choose the most suitable service for you in terms of price, implementation speed and reviews.

You will be redirected to the site of the selected service and will be able to select a game, such as World of Warcraft, a service and a server, then pay for the order or order feedback from the manager.

The manager will contact you to agree on the details and choose the way to perform the service, there are two options:

  1. You join the battle group and fulfill all the requirements and requests of the leader so that the pumping goes on continuously and with maximum efficiency. It is also advisable to purchase all the experience boosters that are available in the game store. The disadvantage of such pumping is that you need your constant participation, and this can last more than one hour if a large interval of levels is selected.
  2. You transfer data from your account to a service employee and get the opportunity not to participate in the process of performing the service and only track the status of the order on the service website in real time. In turn, the service undertakes to store personal data, not to transfer it to third parties, to comply with all anonymity rules and to notify the client about the risks and recommendations for completing the service – for example, to remind you of the need to change the password.

Further, you only need to choose a pumping method and pay for the service with the help of a manager, if you have not already done so.

Track the status of the order on the gaming site and log in to your account after notification of the end of the service and join to World of Warcraft server. Change the password and check if all the conditions for the upgrade are met. Only after this, the service actions are considered completed.

If possible, do not forget to leave a review and write what you liked about the service, and what could be improved – this helps to increase the professionalism of all parts of the company.

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