weCall: New Video Call App Prioritizes Teenage Mental Health and Authentic Connections

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:26 am

HoloAsh, a pioneering app development company, has launched a brand new app called weCall, with a primary focus on creating a social environment where people with differences can thrive, while also addressing the impact of social media on teenagers’ mental health.

weCall can be described as a fusion of FaceTime and BeReal, offering a unique platform for young people and adults to engage in video calls while experiencing real-life moments. The app enables users to have double perspective video calls using both the front and back cameras, allowing them to share real-time experiences with friends and loved ones even when they are physically apart.

The app was developed with the well-being and mental health of users in mind. Yoshua Kisihi, CEO at HoloAsh, highlights the dangers of social media comparisons and their negative effects on self-esteem: “It is common for people to compare themselves to others on social media. This can be dangerous, as it can lead to feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem. We want people to cherish friendship rather than chase after followers. We encourage people to share their authentic selves, real time, real life, real you.”

Research conducted by non-profit charity Common Sense reveals that teenagers (aged 13 to 18) spend almost an hour and a half per day on social media, yet they have mixed feelings about its impact. Moreover, recent studies by the US Department of Health and Human Services indicate that adolescents who spend more than three hours daily on social media are twice as likely to experience poor mental health outcomes, including symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Given these concerning findings, the team at HoloAsh is committed to prioritizing the safety and well-being of users, particularly teenagers, by creating a secure and supportive social space.

weCall offers a range of features designed to enhance authentic connections and provide a positive user experience, including:

  • Double perspective video calls using front and back cameras
  • Sharing memorable moments together with friends and family
  • Watch party features for enjoying favourite shows with friends.

By placing a strong emphasis on teenage mental health and cultivating genuine connections, weCall aims to provide a refreshing alternative to traditional social media platforms and foster a sense of belonging and positivity in the lives of its users.

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