VitrA Tiles Joins Prestigious Global Lighthouse Network by World Economic Forum

Last Updated on: 16th January 2024, 07:37 pm

VitrA Tiles, a prominent division of the Eczacıbaşı Group, has been recognised as a Factory Lighthouse in the Global Lighthouse Network (GLN), an initiative of the World Economic Forum. This induction highlights VitrA Tiles’ leadership in leveraging Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies in the ceramics industry.

At the Davos Summit, Atalay Gümrah, CEO of Eczacıbaşı Group, and Hasan Pehlivan, CEO of VitrA Tiles, delivered speeches detailing their innovative journey with 4IR technologies. They focused on how these advancements have not only enhanced performance but also enabled the company to navigate market volatility successfully.

VitrA Tiles is notably the first ceramic tile company to be acknowledged by the World Economic Forum for its innovative application of 4IR technologies.

Atalay Gümrah shared his thoughts on this achievement, stating, “We are thrilled that our Bozüyük Production Facility has been selected as one of GLN’s Factory Lighthouses, in recognition of the leadership we have shown in deploying Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies. Facing disruptions in manufacturing from climate change, a volatile financial landscape, and geopolitical crises that have led to fluctuating energy prices, particularly in Türkiye, this recognition underscores how we looked at these challenges not as setbacks, but as catalysts for further innovation and growth, harnessing 4IR to enhance our operational competitiveness.”

The digital transformation at VitrA Tiles’ Bozüyük site has yielded significant results, including a 19% improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness, a 56% reduction in scrap, a 14% decrease in energy consumption, and a 43% increase in the use of recycled content.

Hasan Pehlivan, CEO of VitrA Tiles, emphasised the global aspect of their efforts, “While our solutions might be unique, the challenges we face are global and we recognise the value of a global community in solving global challenges. The future of manufacturing is not about just one company, or one sector, or a single country, but about bringing the global community together to address major challenges. I believe the GLN has much to contribute to this journey, and I welcome this excellent latest initiative from the World Economic Forum.”

The GLN members are revolutionising production worldwide through the use of AI and machine learning. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, an impressive 85% of Lighthouse factories experienced less than a 10% revenue loss, showcasing a level of resilience not commonly seen in other manufacturers.

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