Unbound Energy Initiates Eco-Friendly Era with Launch of Novel Solar Subscription Model

Last Updated on: 5th January 2024, 08:23 am

Unbound Energy, at the forefront of green energy innovation in the UK, proudly introduces its revolutionary solar subscription model. Tailored for homeowners seeking an economical and straightforward approach to solar energy, this model comes with zero upfront costs and immediate financial benefits. Unbound Energy is confident that this pioneering model will significantly boost solar energy adoption, heralding a new era in environmental sustainability. “We believe that clean, renewable energy should be accessible to everyone. Our solar subscription not only sets a new standard by helping homeowners save from day one, but also addresses the practical concerns that have hindered widespread adoption of solar to date,” remarked Ross Fobian, CEO of Unbound Energy.

Affordability Redefined: The Market’s Most Cost-Effective Solar Subscription

Unbound Energy’s solar subscription is poised to transform the landscape of renewable energy. Priced competitively at £69 per month, it is the most affordable option in the UK market, underpinned by strategic monetisation of solar and battery assets, including unique grid balancing services. This pricing strategy means that a standard four-bedroom home in the south of England could enjoy annual savings exceeding £500, free from initial investment or complex loan agreements.

Flexibility for Contemporary Homeowners

Unbound Energy’s solar subscription distinguishes itself through its flexibility. Contrasting with traditional models, this subscription allows for easy transferability or outright purchase, making it an attractive option for homeowners who might relocate before the typical 30+ year lifespan of a solar system. This adaptable approach ensures that the advantages of solar energy are widely accessible.

Moving Beyond Traditional Practices

Unbound Energy’s commitment to not leasing roofs is a unique aspect of its offering, differentiating it from other market players. This approach overcomes the usual challenges linked with solar company roof leases, particularly those affecting mortgage agreements in the past. Additionally, the subscription model offers customers the option to purchase the system at a fair price, without the obligation to cover future profit losses. These considerations provide customers with reassurance and avert potential complications seen in previous models. “Our vision is to locally power every property with renewable energy. With the launch of our solar subscription, we are taking a significant step toward making this vision a reality, by finally making solar a no-brainer,” added Ross Fobian.

About Unbound Energy:

Unbound Energy is an innovative UK based renewable energy company on a mission to reduce carbon emissions by 10 million tons or more per year, by making clean energy the best option for everyone. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Unbound Energy aims to pave the way for a sustainable and locally powered future.

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