UK Set to Receive UFO Disclosure Through Launch of New TV Channel, NUB TV

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:56 pm

Nub TV has launched the world’s first 24/7 over-the-top (OTT) TV channel, combining UFOs, paranormal phenomena and music. The channel is available online at and on the Ayozat App, which can be downloaded on all App stores, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Smart TVs.

The channel offers exclusive interviews with UFO and paranormal experts, including Uri Geller, Jeremy Corbell, Nick Pope, Yvette Fielding and Evelyn Hollow. It is hosted by Mark Christopher Lee and Guy Thompson, and also features the best new music videos and live performances.

“Our mission is simple: we aim to bring UFO disclosure to the UK and to the world. We want to educate and inform people about the reality that we are not alone and that the public deserves to know the truth,” said Mark Christopher Lee, co-host of Nub TV. “There undoubtedly is a technology in our skies which may be extraterrestrial or may be part of a secret government project. Whatever it is could be used to benefit the whole of humanity, not just the select chosen few.”

The channel will host exclusive live interviews with those involved in the UFO disclosure process and will be the epicentre of a new campaign to democratise the whole disclosure process, as the UFO phenomena is a global one, not just centred in the United States.

The channel also includes the documentary God Versus UFOs, which explores the psychic paranormal aspect of UFOs. The channel can be accessed for free on the Ayozat App and online at

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