UK Companies Boost “ESG” Scores and Social Impact with SocialBox.Biz IT Service Innovations for Laptops and Computers

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:53 pm

UK businesses and organisations are reducing their carbon footprint and Scope 3 Emissions while increasing their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores with the help of SocialBox.Biz. The London-based technology social enterprise community interest company offers innovative and sustainable IT services with the aim of extending the lifespan of laptops and other IT equipment.

SocialBox.Biz’s core mission is to provide open source innovation solutions to IT managers and CIOs, helping them to save money on IT expenses and promote sustainability. A major part of this is their ‘Laptops for Homeless’ project, which provides homeless and other marginalised people with access to technology by donating old laptops loaded with open source software.

Speaking about the initiative, the SocialBox.Biz team said: “We provide ways for companies and organisations such as large UK universities to go over and beyond. Importantly, this does not affect recycling contracts as items can still be sent for recycling that needed recycling and still usable items donated to our initiative once we’ve removed any usable items. Upcycling, by reusing and donating to those who cannot afford a computer, is a far more environmentally friendly solution than selling old computers for recycling to scrap companies. Giving someone a free laptop may not seem like much, but for many people it gives them hope and is an important stepping stone into society.”

On Earth Day 2023, SocialBox.Biz and its partners celebrated with handovers of reused laptops loaded with open source software. This form of tech donation is a viable solution for companies and organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve true net zero tech solutions. It also makes a major impact in the lives of the less fortunate, providing them with access to educational and career opportunities, and a platform to communicate with friends and family.

In addition to the ‘Laptops for Homeless’ project, SocialBox.Biz also offers Apple MacBook and other laptop donation-drives for older laptops that can still be used from companies, universities and their employees.

To learn more about SocialBox.Biz and their sustainable IT solutions and services and to start separating reusable tech from other tech, contact the SocialBox.Biz team today.

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