Uber Eats partners with Ikoyi chef to offer £320 tasting menu at discounted price, defending its value

Ikoyi, ranked 35th in the World’s Best Restaurants list, is partnering with Uber Eats for a limited-time collaboration, offering a scaled-back version of their renowned £320 tasting menu at a significantly reduced price. Executive Chef Jeremy Chan describes the five-course delivery as the most “technical and refined” takeaway option in the city, with slight modifications made to ensure the dishes maintain their quality during travel.

Despite the lower price point of £60 per person, this venture is not a compromise on the restaurant’s commitment to exceptional dining experiences. In fact, Chef Chan believes that diners often do not pay enough for high-quality food. He explains, “We want to always be accessible to as many people as possible, and we’re always trying our best to do that.” He further elaborates on the intricacies and costs involved in sourcing and preparing the ingredients, highlighting the years of research and relationships built with suppliers.

The menu, available on Friday for Uber One customers and on Saturday for all Uber Eats customers between 5-10pm, features dishes such as Mutton Merguez Sausage with a Green Goddess Slaw, Fried Chicken with Smoked Scotch Bonnet and Raspberry, Jollof Rice and Crab Custard, Suya Tamari Pork with Mustard Greens and Kumquat, and Flower Sugar Cake with Batak Berry and Garigette Strawberry. This collaboration marks the second Michelin tie-up for Uber Eats, following the success of their £200 two-person tasting menu from Ynyshir in Wales, named the best UK restaurant in 2022 and 2023.

To ensure the dishes maintain their quality during delivery, Chef Chan and his team have carefully selected ingredients that retain heat and do not require assembly. He notes, “We’re making something that can just be eaten straight away out of the box.” The food will be delivered by a regular Uber Eats rider/driver, and the restaurant has provided specific instructions on how to reheat and enjoy each dish.

Chef Chan emphasizes that this collaboration is a one-time event and is not indicative of a permanent shift in Ikoyi’s pricing strategy. The restaurant remains dedicated to providing exceptional dining experiences and maintaining relationships with their suppliers. This unique opportunity to taste one of the world’s best menus at a fraction of the price is a not-to-be-missed experience for food enthusiasts.

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