England is the most populous and largest country in the United Kingdom. The capital of England, London is a bustling metropolis that successfully combines modern conveniences with quirky historical charm. England has something for everyone. The country is steeped in a rich culture and tradition, offering a fantastic fusion of old world charm and ultra-modern lifestyle. It has its enchanting attractions and great entertainment, with online casinos not on gamstop a special place among them.

The charm of England is too fascinating to ignore. The romance and beauty of this country have been the inspiration for generations of poets and artists, and have lured tourists from all over the world to come and visit this enchanting country again and again. Take your mind off everyday mundane life!

England’s Attractions

England is a land of diversity, striking natural beauty, rich historical heritage and complex culture. England attracts millions of tourists to its cities, villages and natural attractions all year round.

The most popular attractions in England are Stonehenge, whose mystery is still not solved, the small town of Bath, with its magnificent baths, which were created by the Romans, and of course, such cities as York, Cambridge and Oxford, famous for their cathedrals and ancient universities.

In England’s capital, London, you can find both preserved architectural landmarks and modern ones. Big Ben, or “Elizabeth Tower”, the famous Ferris wheel, which bears the not ambiguous name “London Eye”, Westminster Abbey and the magnificent Windsor Castle. Attractions include museums and galleries, such as the British Museum and the National Gallery, which are completely free to enter. This list could go on indefinitely and still miss some not insignificant point.

Some of the architectural and natural attractions of England entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Entertainment in England

You will never get bored in England – after visiting museums, galleries, bars and restaurants, and not getting tired after sightseeing, you can dance the night away in numerous nightclubs. On every corner, new entertainment, adventures and experiences await you, and casinos, especially bestbonusmoney.com, have a special place among them.

England is famous for its world-class shopping, fabulous shows and vibrant nightlife. In fact, there’s no shortage of entertainment for newcomers and regulars alike. You just need to be prepared for the relatively high prices.

Hotel Reservations and Ticketing

Everything about hotel rooms and buying plane tickets can be checked out and purchased online. Usually there are no problems with electronic tickets, but take a printed copy with you as insurance. Experienced travelers advise to book airline tickets on the website of the airline you are going to fly. If you do not want to overpay for luggage, it is better to pay for it at the airport, not online, then you pay for the actual weight of the luggage, and you do not get charged extra.

Airport transfers and what to bring with you

When considering London specifically for the trip, you can get to the city from Heathrow Airport by a variety of means of transportation. The best option would be to take the subway. Don’t worry, the signs at each station will not let you get lost. If you know that you will use public transportation to get to the city, take with you not a backpack, but a suitcase on wheels: so you make life easier for yourself and the other passengers in the subway car.

Do not take a lot of heavy items of clothing: you are unlikely to need them. Take jeans, shirts, a few sweaters and underwear. Put a light jacket that you can take off if it gets hot and put back on while walking around the city bridges. For shoes, take the most comfortable boots or sneakers possible. Forget the heels, unless you are going to a special event. Do not take shampoos and other bath products: hotels have all this stuff, and not bad quality. Makeup is also best left at home, taking only the essentials, such as mascara and lipstick.

You can buy at the metro ticket office a special unlimited card. You must pay a deposit of five pounds for it. Interestingly, the card is only valid after half past ten in the morning when the locals are already at work.

If you suddenly decide to travel to the suburbs, buy tickets both ways at once: for some reason the cost of a one-way ticket and round trip tickets are the same. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake by train, they won’t charge you a fine, but will explain which train you must change to, and even give you train timetable.


Be careful with the choice of hotel stars. Do not skimp and choose four stars, otherwise you risk getting a room with no windows. And it happens. If four stars is too expensive, look at chain hotels, because they ensure quality, and the location they have pretty convenient.


If you stay in a hotel, there is usually a breakfast, so it’s just a question of where and what to eat during the day. The main thing is to have a solid breakfast so you don’t have to run all over town looking for a cafe in a couple of hours after you leave. If you dine in town, by no means take soups and so loved by the British “chips”: it’s just fried frozen potatoes. In the evening, it is best to go to the store and take something to eat at the hotel.

The local population

The British are, for the most part, nice people. On the train platform, don’t be surprised if the station attendant on duty cheers you up. If you find yourself in town and get lost, don’t be afraid to ask a passerby for directions.

Returning to travel through the country by train, you may be surprised by the fact that in the same carriage with you can ride a star of world proportions, as it happened to an ordinary electrician David King and his wife Roxanne. The young couple was returning from a romantic trip on the train between Paris and London. The young people boarded the carriage and were simply dumbfounded when Johnny Depp walked on the train behind them. The actor was, as always, friendly and kind, when he learned about the couple’s anniversary, did not hesitate to order them a bottle of the most expensive champagne and joined the celebration.


England is a country of contrasts. It combines early traditions with the latest trends in culture and social life in a bizarre way. Trust me, you’ll want to come back.