Transforming the Classroom: A Former Teacher’s Quest to Combat Burnout and Foster Student Success

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:30 pm

Yvonne Buluma-Samba, a former head of department and teacher, is making waves in the education world with her mission to address the major challenges faced by teachers and improve student outcomes. Having experienced frustration and burnout during her teaching career, Yvonne is determined to revolutionise education and provide much-needed support to teachers. Thanks to the support of Innovate UK, government institutions, and private organisations, Yvonne has founded an innovative concierge service for teachers, ensuring they no longer have to work evenings or weekends unless they choose to do so.

Yvonne’s motivation stems from her firsthand experience of the detrimental effects of teacher burnout over her 10-year teaching career. Growing up as the child of a teacher, she also witnessed how the exodus of teachers negatively impacts both educators and students. Recognising the urgent need for support within the profession, Yvonne has taken decisive action to make a difference.

Within just nine months, Yvonne and her team have made remarkable progress in transforming the education landscape. Their flagship service, the Teacher Check-Up, provides teachers with a comprehensive report that assesses their risk of burnout and offers personalised profiling to optimise their teaching approach based on their unique individual persona. Additionally, the company offers coaching services to help teachers navigate the challenges they face.

Understanding the immense stress teachers endure in lesson planning and marking, Yvonne’s company goes the extra mile by providing “plug and play” resources. These ready-to-use lesson materials are designed to alleviate the planning burden on teachers. Moreover, they have ambitious plans to introduce an AI lesson assessment tool with a grade predictor by the end of the year, revolutionising how teachers evaluate student performance.

What sets this company apart is its exceptional growth from a one-person team to a dedicated workforce of 30 individuals within just nine months, all achieved without external funding. Yvonne’s mission resonates on a global scale as she firmly believes that individuals with the necessary skills should have opportunities to gain international experience. Her personal experiences as an immigrant in the UK have shaped her commitment to giving back and paying it forward.

Furthermore, Yvonne acknowledges the challenges faced by children in developing countries who lack a social safety net. With a philanthropic focus, her company’s sales contribute to providing free school meals and uniforms for underprivileged children in countries where formal free school meal programs are lacking.

The impact of Yvonne’s innovative approach to education and teacher well-being is poised to be significant. Her entrepreneurial drive and commitment to effecting positive change have made her an influential figure in the industry. The education community eagerly awaits the future advancements and transformation that Yvonne and her company will bring.

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