Transformation at the Helm as Citypark Fitness Visionaries, Steven Dick and Scott Agnew, Relinquish Operational Roles Amid Exponential Expansion in Fitness Group Education

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 10:56 am

In a strategic move, the dynamic duo behind Citypark Fitness, Steven Dick and Scott Agnew, have elected to withdraw from their daily managerial responsibilities at Citypark Fitness after an illustrious eight-year reign.

Their energies will now be channelled into nurturing The Fitness Group Education Limited, a pioneering initiative dedicated to grooming prospective fitness mentors with a multifaceted expertise that transcends conventional fitness paradigms.

Heralded as a trailblazing enterprise, Citypark Fitness occupies a spacious 7,000-square-foot haven for fitness enthusiasts. This enterprise materialised in 2015, birthed by the collaborative ingenuity of Steve, Scott, and Thomas Anderson, nestled within the prestigious Citypark edifice in Dennistoun, Glasgow.

Despite attaining remarkable milestones within Citypark’s realm, the somber realisation dawned upon Scott and Steven that it was time to embrace a new chapter. Steven Dick expressed, “Our journey alongside Thomas and Scott steering Citypark Fitness has been an exhilarating odyssey since 2015. While the pandemic ushered in challenges, we seized the opportunity to metamorphose our gym’s offerings, centering on intimate group workouts. This strategic pivot was an astronomical triumph for Citypark Fitness, proving instrumental in enriching the lives of our cherished members through specialised guidance.”

Citypark Fitness forges ahead under Thomas Anderson’s stalwart leadership, poised to amplify its eminence in the Glasgow fitness landscape. Speaking about Citypark’s promising trajectory, Steven’s voice resonates with excitement:

“Recent recruitment of a dynamic gym manager infuses newfound vigor, culminating in a continuous upswing in performance and sustained progress over the past biennium. This trajectory shall endure, spearheaded by Thomas, complemented by our gym manager Peter, and orchestrated by the devoted Citypark Fitness Team, buoyed by my unwavering support.”

Notably birthed in 2018 by Steven and Scott, The Fitness Group Education sprang from their personal encounters while sourcing personal trainers for Citypark Fitness. Their brainchild materialised with the lofty ambition of disseminating profound insights, equipping future fitness mentors with a holistic skill set eclipsing conventional training certifications. The footprint of The Fitness Group Education extended beyond Glasgow, permeating diverse UK enclaves such as Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, and London.

At present, The Fitness Group Education’s tentacles extend nationwide and even globally, imparting premier online fitness education modules encompassing spheres like personal training and sports therapy. A valued partner of esteemed entities including the Ministry of Defence, TRX, Strength and Conditioning Education, The PFA, My PT Hub, English League Education, and other frontrunners, The Fitness Group Education is an acclaimed beacon.

This visionary endeavor endeavors to lay robust foundations for aspiring personal trainers, fostering a panoramic comprehension of health, fitness, nutrition, and the subtler nuances of wellness. Topics like emergency first aid, pre and post-natal credentials, mental health acumen, and spearheading physical activities for adolescents constitute integral components of this holistic pedagogy.

Reflecting on this venture, Steven Dick expounded, “The avant-garde approach of The Fitness Group Education culminates in an accessible educational portal that bolsters aspiring personal trainers. The forthcoming generations must champion their well-being while igniting the aspirations of a new wave of entrepreneurial fitness mentors in a landscape crowded with hyper-specialised fitness sanctuaries and cutting-edge fitness technologies.”

While Steven Dick and Scott Agnew recede from the forefront, the heartstrings binding them to Citypark endure. Citypark’s arsenal encompasses superlative offerings such as state-of-the-art equipment courtesy of preeminent gym giants Life Fitness and Jordan Fitness, tailor-made female group training sessions, personalised guidance, all sanctioned by The Fitness Group Education. The horizons appear boundless for Citypark Fitness!

Steven appended, “The symbiotic partnership between myself, The Fitness Group Education team, and Citypark Fitness will persevere, ensuring Glasgow remains its nurturing abode. This synergy is poised to script a brilliant, illustrious future for both establishments.”

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