As expected, 2021 has seen prices getting hiked across the board, and Toyota Hilux is no exception. The updated 2021 new model release particularly informs it. Toyota Hilux has quite a series of its models in the previous generation releases that have become an instant market pickup favorite for the mini pickups. But there is a particular model that is quite popular with the market, and this is Toyota Hilux SR5 double cab pickup. This model comes with a recommended entail price or P of approximately $57,900 for a standard vehicle. When the Toyota Hilux model gets fitted with other security enhancements, like, lane assistance the cost spikes a bit high. The same model comes either as an automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission—the six-speed manual transmission Toyota Hilux SR5 double cabin cost approximately $61,000.

If you consider an automatic Toyota Hilux SR5 double cabin pick up the 2021 release, it’s astonishing to find out that this model accounts for most of the total sales. This model usually retails at a recommended retail price averaging at approximately $59,900, but when you decide to go with a drive away, the total range price escalates to about $63,000.

Based on the data and price changes from the previous year, the total price difference for the two Toyota Hilux SR5 models represented an approximately 5% increase in price from the recommended retail price last year. On average, there was an increase of about $2500 from the price set in the year 2020.

Surprisingly, when the same recommended retail price for the drive away Toyota Hilux SR5 double cabin pickup offers and additional transaction prices for the same paints a picture of an increase of about $8000 for the past two years. Before the hike in price for the automatic transmission model of this Toyota SR5 double cabin was retailing at about $54,990 inclusive of on-road costs. Currently, based on the recent statistics from various showrooms indicate an increase in price for all its updated Toyota Hilux models for the year 2021.

Other cheaper Toyota Hilux models are available in the market. One such model is the Workmate, commonly known as the traffic controller usually comes to the market with a recommended retail price of approximately $24,990 for a drive away offer. Surprisingly, this cheaper model had the highest price appreciation in the market by percentage.

Toyota Hilux Workmate currently retails at $24,990 from a recommended retail price of about $21,865 from the previous year’s estimates. Those prices are inclusive of all additional on-road costs. The Workmate Toyota Hilux is a single chassis cab that is a 2.7-liter petrol engine. The same model comes with a five-speed manual transmission along with a dropside aluminum tray. Currently, the total price for this model has increased by approximately 8% for a drive-away offer. That retails at $28,000. There are an additional $3000 additional transactional costs compared to the same prices the previous year.

As expected, the new Toyota Hilux direct from the showrooms get charged slightly higher, and the discounted prices usually emerge a few months later. In some other instances, discounts come along after a year or so after the model release to the market.

Toyota Hilux offers its enthusiasts a new facelifted Hilux SR% 4 x 4 double cabin, and it’s an automatic transmission that has seen an increased price of approximately $2680 that includes additional on-road costs entry-level. The new facelifted Toyota Hilux comes with a more challenging, more appealing design that is more powerful. Its engine gets powered by a 2.7-liter turbocharged diesel. Consequently, the model comes fitted with an infotainment system that has seen the price of this Toyota Hilux price escalate.

As with the previous model, additional enhancements and body types will shape the 2021 Toyota Hilux release prices. Three-body types come with Toyota Hilux, namely the double cabin, single and extra cab. The body type attracts an additional fixed-rate tax annually, translating to a hike in price for each model.

The 2021 invincible X edition release comes with extra enhancements that dictate the additional price for this model. Some of the factors that dictate the price increase include the following features. The engine size is the most significant contributor to the price hike, followed closely by the engine transmission. Manual and automatic transmission have varying price ranges for this Invincible X Toyota Hilux model.

Finally, safety and security enhancement played a critical role in setting the price range for 2021. The Toyota safety sense comes with a pedestrian detection system for the day and night and an emergency braking system. Check out Car Expert’s full details on Toyota Hilux review on price and specifications.