This Soho restaurant is doing things a little differently

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:27 am

Soho is a place that has its own unique charm and up until now, that charm hasn’t been fully realised within a dining experience.

A new restaurant called Bantof is about to change all of that. It is a new restaurant that is designed to offer a unique sharing plate dining experience, where patrons will also enjoy uniquely brilliant cocktails created by one of the UK’s most iconic mixologists, as well as some of the best art in the country.

Located on Windmill Lane, Michelin chef Asimakis Chaniotis is behind Bantof. In a statement detailing its opening, the intentions for the restaurant were clearly set out.

It read: “Bantof’s menu features a series of signature dishes designed to be enjoyed via tasting plates supporting the restaurant’s relaxed and collaborative vision”.

If that didn’t sound exciting enough, it should also be noted that the cocktail menu for the venue is being curated by SuperNacular. They are an organisation headed up by Jack Sotti, who will be well-known to viewers of Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.

The venue is keen to demonstrate its affinity for the area in everything it does. This was also mentioned within the statement, which added: “To celebrate the area’s unique character, Bantof & SuperNacular have created a series of cocktails titled “Soho Stories”.

“The novel cocktail collection showcases the characters and elements of Soho that make the central village unique.”

Bantof has also pledged to its patrons that it will exhibit some of the top artists in the country, as well as giving up-and-comers a place to find their feet.

The statement added: ““As well as serving delicious food made from fresh, seasonal ingredients, guests can expect an ever-changing rotation of art exhibitions curated by the restaurant’s team themselves. With shows featuring both upcoming talent and more established names within the creative scene, Bantof provides not only somewhere for people to eat great food but also somewhere to come and experience art in all its forms”.

Bantof will open in early September, but there will be preview nights before then. Unlike other restaurants of a similar profile, it will not require a membership fee.

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