The Youth Sport Trust Calls for a Reimagining of PE Teaching

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:15 pm

The Youth Sport Trust has highlighted the fundamental role PE and sport play in the education and development of every child, after OFSTED published their ‘Levelling the playing field: the physical education subject report’ today.

However, the results of the report have caused concern, as it revealed that only around half of secondary schools allocate the 2 hours of PE recommended by government to all year groups. This is especially worrying when considering the Chief Medical Officer’s recommendation of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day, as only 47% of children are achieving this.

The Trust has stated that the world children are growing up in now requires a focus on physical, social and emotional development, and that PE must have a more prominent role in achieving these goals. The report was praised for its more positive outlook in primary schools, although it was noted that the return on investment of the Primary PE and Sport Premium is being lost due to the neglect of PE in secondary schools.

The Trust was also excited to see the progress towards equal access in PE, with football being offered in nearly every school. However, they expressed disappointment about the lack of variety in the sports used. Young people, they noted, want to be active and believe their voice can help inform choice and as a result, increase participation.

Finally, the Trust welcomed the report and the focus it will bring to PE in schools, but argued that a more fundamental root and branch review of initial teacher training and teacher development in PE are necessary to drive better outcomes for young people.

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