Owing to different important functions of public relations in the community, various definitions from various academicians, especially from the social sciences, have been developed.  For example, in New York, it was defined as a branch of management that is tasked with evaluating public interests and attitudes. It comes up with policies and procedures which the management should plan and execute with people interested in their heart with the aim of ensuring that the firm experiences public understanding as well as acceptance. All is about ensuring that an organization has a good communication structure, which brings efficiency to the organization. 

For effective communication in an organization, we require effective public relation communication. Performance of an organization is determined by how good its environment is. A poor environment will negatively affect the business. The public is part of the external environment of the company and it influences how it will influence the company will be determined by relationships existing between it and the organization. Therefore, it is essential for the management to ensure that the company is enjoying a good relationship with the public as this enhances the reputation of the business. The reputation of the organization and its image to the public is determined by how good the public relations are.

Public relations (PR) are a significant tool for management with a strategic approach and well-organized focus. An organization that is working well with all their operational energies focused on specific objectives perform better than the one that is characterized by inconsistent information from the management down to the other staff. The company that is well managed and has sustainable and workable public relationship will benefit in the long term (Choi & Choi, 2009). Achievement of the long term goals defines the growth of a company.

Importance of This Research

The important question is why the organizations should create a public relation department in their company. It is essential for the public relation departments to exist in the firms and always carry out the studies to help them effectively respond to issues. This study will help organizations understand the importance of a good public relation system and act as an eye-opener to the departments to carry out more analysis and work on information that is not biased. Research helps in gaining acceptability of the organization to the community as well as maintaining the general acceptance.

A good public relation department will carry out research that will help them avoid biases. Acting on an opinion by the managers about the interest and feelings of the community and clients will result in the firm not meeting the customer’s interests. This research will help the management understand how an established public relation system will help in carrying out research and help the firm act as per the preferences of the customers and the community. Making the community happy is an important ingredient to the growth of the organization. The company can understand what the society dislikes about them and what they need to improve.

This research provided by SmartWritingService – research paper services (committed to write custom academic papers for students) will act as an eye-opener to institutions to see the importance of an efficient public relation system that will ensure from time to time, the company reaches out to the public now and then. The public relation will be tasked with the responsibility of discovering the most used media by their potential customers. This factor ensures that an organization can quickly reach out to the largest population of their potential customers. For instance, the public relation will ensure that, for example, young generation, if a target is reached out through social media, but they can use newspapers to reach out to the older people.

In communication, feedback is an essential element. Through feedback, one gets to understand the impact of the message relayed. It is through a public relation department that companies will get feedback about their advertisement message and their products. A company can only improve if it gets the correct information about the areas they need to focus on. The public relation department is responsible for researching the customer’s tastes on their products. The feedback from the clients is very important in helping the company act efficiently and meet the customer’s needs.  The research will help the business organizations understand the importance of public relation.

What is The Problem With This Research? 

This research will help in confidentially answering the research question. This study focuses on solving the progressive disasters many organizations are facing. For instance, the Red Cross is experiencing many challenges in managing consistent calamities. In recent past, they had to fight various calamities in Kenya ranging from, fire tragedy in JKIA, droughts, and the issue of IDPs. These are some of the issues many firms are facing, and this study has come at the appropriate time. For instance, during this time the Red Cross society had to rely on its public relationship and used the links to counter the problems.

The research will answer various questions like, analyzing what is the role of senior management in the public relation, what is the role of communication in an organization, what is the threat paused by Integrated Marketing Communication in public relation, what is the relationship between corporate social responsibilities and public relation, what is the role of employees and other stakeholders in public relation, what is the relationship between organization change and public relation, what is the relationship between corporate culture and the public relation,  and what benefits will the organization reap with a proper instituted public relation system. By maintaining that public relation remains a fundamental organ in an organization, the research will answer all the above questions. 

The research will strive in finding out how effective is the public relation to the performance of an organization. This information will help the company understand the importance and role of public organizations in its growth. The study will help many other firms struggling with a broken relationship with a public and hence poor performance. 

Research Question

What role does Public Relations leadership play in organizational growth?

The Gap Between Other Studies Talked on This Topic

Previous studies have indicated the importance of public relation to an organization. They have shown the importance of ensuring any company has a workable public relation system. However, there is a gap in research about how important is the public relation to the growth of the firms. Studies have not gone further to establish what role the public relation plays in propelling the organizational forward. This information forms the bases for this research. It is important to close the research gap and by researching the role played by public relations leadership to the growth of an organization.


Choi, J., & Choi, Y. (2009). Behavioral dimensions of public relations leadership in organizations. Journal of Communication Management, 13(4), 292-309. doi:10.1108/13632540911004588