• Bella Ramsey has gained almost 600’000 Instagram followers since the premiere on Jan 15th
  • Pedro Pascal earning up to an estimated £9’000 per sponsored Instagram post 
  • Pascal, Ramsey and Storm Reid are the cast’s most popular on Instagram with nearly seven million followers between them

New data reveals that Pedro Pascal, playing a protagonist in the post-apocalyptic drama series The Last of Us, can earn the most money on Instagram.

Research conducted by JeffBet analysed social media profiles of the show’s stars to reveal how much they can earn per sponsored post.

Pedro Pascal plays Joel, the protagonist in the game from which the series has derived, and proves the most popular and highest earning cast member. With nearly 4 million Instagram followers, an engagement rate just below 10% and an average of 273,900 likes per post, he can earn up to an estimated £9’000 for a single sponsored Instagram post.

Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie, has become one of the most followed cast members amid the series sending her fame to new heights. Since the shows premiere the 19 year-old, previously best known for her Game of Thrones role, has gained over 599’700 new followers. It’s estimated she can now earn up to £2’986 for a sponsored post on the platform. This influx of followers has almost doubled her following compared to before The Last of Us series premiere.

The third most influential cast member is Storm Reid, who plays the daughter of main character Joel. The American teen made her on screen debut in the period drama 12 Years a Slave and comes in with an Instagram following of over 2.5m. This, as well as an average number post likes of 174,200, means she could earn up to an estimated £6984 per sponsored post.

Nico Parker, a British teenager like co-star Ramsey, has also seen an explosion in her online popularity, gaining 246,420 followers on Instagram in the last 30 days. This brings her following to just over 300k, a modest number but one that looks likely to skyrocket over release of the first season of The Last of Us.

Nick Offerman proves another hugely influential cast member. The actor, writer, comedian, producer and carpenter best known for his role in NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation has amassed over 1.3m Instagram followers. Accruing almost 70’000 followers in the past 30 days, his estimated potential earnings for sponsored Instagram posts is just shy of £3645.

Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie’s mother, also has a significant online presence, with an Instagram following over one million. Having gained almost 30’000 followers in the few weeks since the series premiere, Ashley’s estimated potential earnings are now almost £3’000 per sponsored post.

The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us

*The data is unavailable for some cast members. The most significant character missing from the statistics is Anna Torv, who plays Tess in the show, who does not have an Instagram profile.

The Richest Last of Us cast members

Cast Member Insta Handle Insta Followers Engagement Rate Ave. Likes  Gained Followers 30 Days  Est. Earnings Per Post
Pedro Pascal pascalispunk 3.9m 9.74%       273,900                                   38,550 £9000 ($10890)
Bella Ramsey bellaramsey 1.3m 3.52%         45,600                                 564,360 £2986 ($3613)
Nico Parker nicoparker 304k 24.89%         74,600           246,420
Gabriel Luna iamgabrielluna 180k 7.60%         13,400                                   18,060 £658 ($796)
Nick Offerman nickofferman 1.3m 2.15%         29,500                                   67,440 £3645 ($4410)
Ashley Johnson ashleythejohnson 1m 6.64%         70,000                                   29,910 £2825 ($3,418)
Storm Reid stormreid 2.5m 6.80%       174,200                                   19,440 £6984 ($8451)
Melanie Lynskey msmelanielynskey 149k 8.17%         12,000                                     7,050 £600 ($726)
Merle Dandridge merledandridge 250k 2.93%           7,200                                     9,750 £1016 ($1230)
Lama Johnson lamarjohnson 264k                                   13,380 £1084 ($1,311)
Rutina Wesley rutina_wesley 263k 1.13%           2,900                                         810 £1080 ($1,307)


A spokesperson for JeffBet commented on the findings saying: “With the significant popularity of The Last of Us, this data reveals who within the cast can profit the most from the show’s success. It is also significant to recognise the skyrocketing social media numbers of such young cast members that could indicate the emergence of some real stars of the future.

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