Casino not registered with gamstop – the scourge of modernity, or really real money? In order not to be addicted to the casino,” you need to know the psychology of the player. Brightly glittering signs invite you to go and relax, run away from everyday life and play with fate for luck … And then turns on a gamble to find lucky combinations, numbers and signs to win this unequal battle.

It’s only a mirage…

In one study in Boston, it was found that most of the gamblers do not even know the patterns of roulette, card games, as well as slot machines. But that didn’t stop them from making up their own – necessarily putting their lucky ring on a certain finger, taking a particular seat at the table, and the like. Later, during the treatment of gambling addiction, doctors talked about gambling principles and laws, which turned out to be an absolute revelation to patients.

The gambling space becomes a kind of arena of psychological battle. Gambler fascinate very easy and how to manipulate his mind every casino owner knows. Below are described the most common of the ways:


Or rather, their complete absence in the hall and the dealers. After all, the casino is well aware that when a person is passionate about something – the time flies by him unnoticed. So they do not prevent visitors to rush into the maelstrom. None of the casinos will ask the player to take a break from the game or go to sleep.

The windows

Will only distract the player, which is not at all to the advantage of the owners. Day and night should cease to exist for him.

Sound Effects

Well who will not melt from the cheerful melodies, from the sound of falling coins, the winning trills of the machines? This immediately adjusts visitors on the “right” way, motivates them to go as soon as possible to meet their luck. Imaginary, of course. Almost 80% of players leave with a loss.


Soft subdued light will wrap visitors and make them relax, and the correct color of the walls and patterns on the carpets will have no less effect on the subconscious.

The probability of winning

Few gamblers know that the machines in uk online casinos, as well as ordinary gambling establishments, specially tuned so that the feeling of a close win does not leave a person for a moment. Playing it seems that the control of the game exactly for the player, but it is only a subconscious game.

You will definitely come back again

The casino skillfully keeps visitors coming back again and again with free lunch coupons, shows, prize drawings, and discounted services. Of course, the date will be different to get players to come again and get caught up in the netting.


Another ingenious gambling arena trick is free drinks. They relax the visitor and keep the mood at the right level. Playing becomes more fun, and the attitude toward money becomes dismissive and easy.

Royal attitude

If he wins, the whole world and the entire staff begins to revolve around the lucky person. He is immediately offered a hotel room. The best, of course. Free of course… Anything to keep the customer from leaving with the full amount of his winnings and visit the casino again.

Leaving the casino

In the casino every detail is thought out to keep visitors as long as possible: the layout of the rooms is very confusing, the machines are arranged so that they will constantly catch your eye, specifically marked signs are also not so easy to find.

In the pursuit of profit, the casino stops at nothing. It’s like an unpalatable candy wrapped in a colorful pretty wrapper. That is – a visual deception, dust in the eyes. All the details are calculated so that the man ceases to belong to himself, and gradually loses his sanity – takes out of the house valuables to make another bet, begins to drink, in the case of loss, falls into depression and goes on long binges. His family suffers with him.

General Aspects

The psychology of the player in an online casino seems simple, there are ulterior motives. People begin to play not for the money. Those prone to gambling addiction pursue other goals:

  • Self-affirmation. Winning the slot – as a victory in life. To achieve it at any cost, and to show that one is better than everyone else is one of the most common reasons. It’s just that in the slot, the price is equal to the money spent;
  • Among the gamblers there are many people with a mathematical mind and developed logical thinking. They like to calculate the moves, combinations, probabilities, even “understand” the automation of slots. They conduct a kind of experiment “win-loss”;
  • Lack of emotions. Winning always brings positive emotions, which is often lacking in real life. In fact, losing also opens up the emotional sphere. A person no longer cares whether he wins or loses, the main thing is to get an emotional charge.


The psychology of gambling involves several components:

First of all, there are strong emotions that can rarely be experienced in everyday life. Gambling is a great remedy for boredom and moping.

The second component is competition. With the croupier, other players, the theory of probability, with yourself, finally. It’s all about proving to yourself and to the world: I’m the best.