The Power of Video Content for Social Media Marketing

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:50 pm

Social media is incredibly popular, why? The most popular social media apps are Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram. All of them have well over millions of daily active users. This creates a massive market for people to engage viewers to buy or consume products or content.

What draws people in

What keeps people interested? How do you keep their attention span? These are important questions that you should be asking yourself when posting or creating something. What draws the attention of people of all ages? These can be various things that creators have purposely done to stand out. Are you on social media? What keeps the audience watching in a format that has so little runtime and therefore limits on narrative and experience? Theoretically, it shouldn’t work. And yet it does. Social media can be addicting for people, it can steal your attention while you consume various content. How can you as a business use that and help grow popularity? What makes people stay and watch especially when it’s an advertisement? We posit that video content is the best way to keep users’ attention as it keeps people entertained and can create more views on social media.

What platform do you go with?

All of the social media platforms have their own personalities and demographics to hit, and it’s important to tailor your content to the situation.

For instance, Instagram is a highly popular app that allows you to like, follow and share content. Over time Instagram also added more and more features that allows you to include more video in your account and feed. Similar to TikTok, Instagram has announced a feature called Instagram reels, where video is a maximum of 90 seconds, and you can collaborate with more people. Between scrolling through posts on the main feed, you always come across adverts, what makes you notice them? What makes you stop for a minute to look?

TikTok is a very large app that gained attention quickly, the app has over 1 billion daily active users that go to it for various reasons. What random life hacks have you learned? On TikTok the main use is short-form video content and it can range across various genres. With the use of video, you can do POV to advertise a day-to-day life or advertise activities that your company is doing. There are endless ideas that you can do with video to engage your customers.

What can you not do with social media? There are so many ways with video that you can interact with the customers/consumers. Think about videos that you related to. Gen Z loves authenticity, especially on TIkTok, so you want to aim for that relatability. With the ability to personalise feeds for a range of people with quirky short videos that include music and sound effects, the app is known for its addictive quality and high levels of engagement.

Sound SFX is very important in social media, and particularly on TIkTok where sound effects are the basis of a good six-second skit. if a video has sound more people will watch it creating more views. You can accentuate certain things or make a video more dramatic making it more interesting and appealing to the target audience.

Facebook is a very good tool for businesses. It allows you to gain more customers, but how can video help you? Like all the other social media, there is Facebook Reels. You can target the audience with Facebook advertising, which can be determined by a variety of criteria, including geography, age, gender, occupation, income, political affiliations, interests, and behaviours. The main demographic on Facebook is aged 25 to 34 years old in the United Kingdom. Compared to other social media this is the highest use for people between the ages of 25 to 34 as most users of social media are aged between 18 – 24.

Snapchat is typically for the younger generation, to chat or send pictures. Similar to TikTok, there are reels, or short videos called Spotlight. All of the videos are short and snappy, the main advertisements are between stories that are usually video. Snapchat is very successful at boosting brand transparency and visibility for big and small companies. If you want to target a younger audience, Snapchat is a powerful tool that you can utilise to gain more views and awareness of your company.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing through social media is very important as most people are on social media and it is a way to engage more with your customers. Everyone is on at least one social media platform, giving you a level of access unseen by traditional marketing methods. Using social media creates more awareness meaning you can reach more customers and clients. As algorithms get more advanced on social media, you can post something, and people can easily come across it. With social media, you can engage more with customers which will keep them coming back.

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