The Performance of Different Businesses on GMB And More!

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:04 pm

Are you planning to start your SEO and marketing agency? Most local companies need help with Google My Business (GMB) to succeed. They can depend on this tool to evaluate demands and customer engagement with the business. Knowing which companies benefit most from GMB will allow you to quickly attract your target’s attention and convince them to use your services. Here are a few metrics and suggestions regarding the use of GMB.

GMB statistics overview

Data indicate that 64% of people search for local businesses through GMB, and 94% of the companies get calls from GMB during weekdays. An average business appears in more than 1k monthly searches. When done correctly, the GMB listing can quickly help a local entity to connect with its potential customers. Interestingly, medical services heavily rely on GMB, forming about 7.5% representation. You can use such information in your SEO and marketing deck to strongly pitch your services to a local medical-based business. And if you need help with polishing your SEO knowledge to approach them more confidently, check Local Client Takeover once.

Furthermore, studies demonstrate that most business-related searches are discovery searches, making up around 84% of overall activities. Direct searches stand at only 16%. When doing GMB SEO for a client, you can keep this specific point in mind and target the customers in the discovery searches segment because they will be more likely to try a new business than direct search users. Optimizing their listings can make them more visible to discovery searchers. Between 2017 and 2018, local companies witnessed a 25% jump in conversions from Google Maps and Search. Such insights prove that GMB has always been an efficient tool for local institutions. And car dealerships have more reasons to leverage Google My Business. After all, it enables them to book nearly 7% conversions, better than any other.

You can expect some easy wins because of the search trends, usage, and results. Local medical companies (hospitals, pharmacies, and more) and car dealerships can be manageable portfolios. However, when you take up any project, help their listings attain maximum star ratings for impactful conversion rates. Anything between 3.5 and 4.5 can be helpful. Besides that, everyone knows the significance of getting positive reviews. 71% of one of the survey’s participants admitted they are more likely to engage with a business on GMB that has a good review. They consider them reputable.

Key considerations when setting up a GMB listing for your clients

You can track your client’s GMB performance on Google search and map if you add the correct business information. Use the best videos and photos in the listing to help customers quickly discover a business and its offerings. Please add the client’s website link and watch over customers’ activities. If something is not working with them, you can replace it with other features.

As a new business, you will want to bag as many new clients as possible. However, SEO is a competitive arena. To do well here, you must walk into this path well-prepared and continuously upgrade your skills. So, train yourself thoroughly. Lots of free courses and special programs are available. Just check them from time to time.


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