The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us’ Viewership Keeps Growing, Which Is SUPER Unusual

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:22 pm

The Last Of Us had a blockbuster third episode this week, but people were tuning in before they had any idea it would be that good.

The Last Of Us
The Last Of Us

HBO reports that The Last of Us had yet another week of increased viewership. The second episode jumped 22% over the first, up to 5.7 million viewers, and then episode 3 rose 12% over episode 2.

This kind of thing just…doesn’t happen, even with HBO’s other megahits.

  • House of the Dragon gained viewership in week 2, but was down sharply by week 3.
  • Game of Thrones season 1 lost viewership in week 2 before rising in week 3.
  • White Lotus season 2 lost viewership in week 2, but gained viewership in week 3.
  • Season 2 went up, then down by week 3. Euphoria season 1 declined in the second and third weeks.

Among the shows I’ve checked here, only The White Lotus season 1 has seen a rise in viewership every single week throughout its debut season, including its first three episodes. TLOU is getting millions of viewers, but the percent increases aren’t as high as those for The Last of Us.

Lotus White

Last week, HBO’s The Last of Us was given the green light for a second season which will focus on the events of the second game. It looks like there won’t be any drawn out time jumps like those featured in the video game and season 1 should cover all aspects of the first instalment. Two seasons might even be needed to cover the breadth of content from The Last Of Us Part 2 and its character-driven plot. Naughty Dog has indicated they won’t veer away from the source material as Game of Thrones did, nevertheless I can’t help but suspect this means that The Last Of Us Part 3 could be released in years to come when season 4 potentially airs. Only time will tell…

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Among HBO’s many hits outside of Game of Thrones and its spin-offs, The Last of Us isn’t just a huge hit. After the show airs and can be binge watched, I expect a ton of people to catch up, and we’ll see season 2 numbers that outpace the first, just as Game of Thrones did during its early years.



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