Gambling is often the centerpiece of both outstanding literary works and scripts for brilliant films. From gambling addiction, mysticism, and fortune, described in the classics of great writers, to the banal crime in the trilogy about Ocean’s friends, gambling can be just a symbol and, at the same time, play a key role in the development of the plot. Now users also have access to the casino sites not on gamstop uk format, which allows them to participate in their favorite entertainment without leaving home. In many cases, such works give people a distorted view of the gambling industry. But in the world of cinema, many worthy examples tell about the hidden sides of casinos and gambling, as well as real stories about gambling, which changed the lives of many people.

The best films about the gambling business

Such films clearly show that luck can turn to you by any side. Some of the films listed below are based on real events, others are fictional by the writers. However, none of these masterpieces will leave you indifferent even if you are not related to gambling.

Player — Created 1974

The cult drama about gambling, which tells the story of literature teacher Axel Fried, who is passionate about sports betting. Drawing on a few ideas from Dostoevsky’s The Gambler, Fried becomes literally obsessed with his desire to make money on the game and soon loses a fortune.

Having collected the last money, the former teacher goes to Las Vegas, wanting to win back, but there he will face even greater disappointments and blows of fate. After a series of random events, Freed still returns his debt, but this adventure completely changes his life. In 2014, a remake of the original film starring Mark Wahlberg was released.

Big Game — Created 2017

A more modern drama based on the autobiography of business-woman Molly Bloom, who was accused of organizing illegal poker tournaments with very high stakes. Due to a severe injury, Bloom is forced to end her sports skiing career, after which she accidentally finds herself working in an underground casino in Los Angeles.

Quickly mastering all the subtleties of the gambling business, the heroine scandals with her leadership and soon opens her own casino. The retaliation for the entrepreneur’s rapid success is her conflicts with the mafia, physical violence, and the seizure of all her assets. At the same time, Bloom does not disclose the names of his enemies and pleads guilty in court.

Lucky — date of creation 2007

In this film, the story of love and difficulties in family relationships is revealed through, perhaps, the main gambling game — poker. The talented player Hack Cheever wants to get to the prestigious poker tournament, but for this, he needs to collect an unbearable amount. Deciding to steal from his beloved and mired in debt, Cheever still makes his way to the tournament, but ahead of him is a difficult game at the final table against his father.

The fate of strained family relationships is decided by the last distribution, in which the main character makes an unexpected decision. By the way, anyone can try their hand at this card game at non uk casinos.

Twenty-one — the date of creation of the motion picture is also 2007

Far from the most famous picture with Kevin Spacey in the title role, it tells about the attempt of several students and a teacher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to beat the casino. A famous gambler in the past, now the teacher of higher mathematics and probability theory Mickey Rosa is looking for smart students to help him beat the biggest casinos in Las Vegas again, hitting the jackpot at the blackjack table over and over again.

At first, the team is going according to plan, but soon serious scandals flare-up between them, and the players substitute each other. One of the key points in the plot turns out to be a casino observer who has known the main character for a long time and hunts just for him.

Croupier — created in 1998

Another film about the working life of a casino, the main character of which got a job as a croupier and discovered all the delights of gambling behind the scenes. Continuing his career as a writer, croupier Jack Manfred watches other people’s losses and breaks all rules.

Wanting to help one of the players, Manfred decides to rob the casino, but his plans are not destined to come true. Having lost everything, the dealer publishes a book about this story and continues to work in the casino. Jack soon learns that his entire career in this position was part of a huge criminal plan that his father came up with.

This is not a complete list of films dedicated to the world of excitement and games, but we have selected the best of them. Watching these films will help you better understand what an atmosphere of excitement is and what kind of world can open up to you if you decide to play. Keep in mind that in real life everything is much calmer and safer — there are so many dangers only in the movies.


Each of the presented films deserves your attention if the topic of gambling occupies at least some part of your heart and mind. We are sure that after watching any of these films, you will be tempted to try one of the existing gambling games on your own. Try your hand at demo mode, study existing strategies before risking money, and then you will be successful.