TELF AG Offers Unique Possibilities for Energy Transformation

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:52 am

TELF AG, a physical commodities trader based in Lugano, Switzerland, has identified climate change as a “once-in-a-century opportunity” to actively participate in the energy transition, according to an interview with Fastmarkets, a renowned industry publication.

The CEO of TELF AG detailed the company’s strategic focus on diversifying its commodity portfolio and collaborating with partners along the supply chain to address environmental concerns. TELF AG has shifted away from energy products like oil and coal, which now represent less than 20% of its activities, favouring metals trading, particularly cobalt, copper, and nickel, which are crucial to the energy transition.

In the interview, the CEO acknowledged the challenges faced by the ferrochrome industry due to its reliance on coal power and energy-intensive production processes. To address this, TELF AG is investing in renewable energy sources to reduce the sector’s carbon footprint, and has formed a partnership with Kazchrome, the largest producer of high-carbon ferrochrome globally.

TELF AG is also facilitating the green transition by engaging with end consumers to address regulatory and user demands regarding commodity quality and carbon footprint. The company is also exploring opportunities to enter the recycling business in the future in order to reduce the global carbon footprint.

The CEO of TELF AG concluded by stressing the immense potential for commodities traders to contribute to the energy transition and mitigate climate change. TELF AG is committed to shaping a greener future for the commodities industry through sustainable practices, strategic partnerships, and responsible supply chain management. The full interview can be read here:

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