Study Highlights Worsening Sleep Quality Among Employees, Undermining Productivity, with Less Than 20% Enjoying Restful Nights

Last Updated on: 15th February 2024, 06:07 pm

Recent insights from Champion Health, derived from a survey of 4,300 UK workers, reveal a troubling trend: one in three employees rate their sleep quality as subpar, and a mere 19% describe their sleep as good or excellent.

This data points to a significant decline in sleep quality compared to the previous year, underlining a growing concern for employers as poor sleep begins to notably affect workplace efficiency and staff well-being.

The 2024 Workplace Health Report by Champion Health, which analyses extensive data sets, offers an in-depth examination of the UK’s mental and physical health landscape.

The report identifies fatigue as a key barrier to productivity, with an overwhelming 61% of professionals naming it as their top challenge, outpacing even high stress levels, reported by 32%. As a result, a worrying 70% of employees rate their work output as average or below.

Additionally, the report highlights a decrease in energy among employees, with nearly half (48%) experiencing tiredness.

The analysis also found that employees feel most energised at 10:18 am, while energy dips to its lowest at 3:28 pm.

Employee sleep difficulties are further illuminated by the survey, with almost half (47%) experiencing frequent nighttime awakenings and over a third (35%) struggling to fall asleep.

Harry Bliss, CEO of Champion Health, commented on these findings, stating:

“The data from our Workplace Health Report 2024 underscores the urgent need for organisations to prioritise employee wellbeing beyond just mental and physical health – which sleep significantly impacts. Poor sleep quality is not only affecting individual health but is also a detriment to overall workplace productivity and energy levels.”

Bliss also highlighted the importance of addressing these issues at their core:

“As leaders, it is crucial that we address the root causes of sleep-related issues and implement strategies that foster a healthier and more balanced work environment, leading to improved sleep quality. Investing in employee wellbeing is an investment in the success and sustainability of our organisations.”

View Champion Health’s Workplace Health Report 2024 at

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