Starting an Organic Farm Business: What You Need To Know

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:49 pm

Sustainability is becoming increasingly more important for individuals and companies alike, with many of us beginning to change our behaviours and lifestyle choices. This includes what we choose to eat, as the products we put into our bodies have a large impact on how we feel. Organic food is food that is made and grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, and does not contain genetically modified organisms. Types of organic food include those such as meats, milk, fruit and fresh produce. The current market is beginning to boom as more people begin to care about the planet and their health, and there is no better time to start an organic farm business. Here are some following tips to ensure your organic farm is a success.

Get educated, and deepen your knowledge of organic farming in general.

Turning your goals and ambitions into reality takes a lot of planning, saving up, and research. It can be a great idea to speak to other organic farmers and hear first hand their advice, and mistakes that they have made whilst operating and setting up. Attend training and workshops can also be a huge advantage, as the connections you make through networking may be beneficial in the long run.

Target market research

Start by figuring out who your target market is, what type of products you would like to create and sell. Are you intending of selling these directly at local markets or to open a local shop, and sell a variety of items? Maybe your plans include selling to wholesalers or supermarkets – whatever you choose ensure you establish this early on and conduct some market research into the demand you would expect.

Location is key

Consider the location of your farm, if there is a water supply nearby, are you within easy access to the market you would like to sell your product at? Plan the space in advance – how big does the site need to be, will you require space for polytunnels or machinery.

Get certifications for your organic farm

You must register with an organic control body if you are planning on opening an organic farm, as you will be breaking the law if you market an organic product that has not been certified. Ensure you complete your application as one of the initial steps towards opening your business.

Prepare your land

Prepare the soil, and take great care of what you plant to ensure that what you produce is to a high standard. Make sure to water regularly, and that all plants receive sufficient sunlight. Try to remain patient if not everything goes to plan straight away, learn from your mistakes and what has gone well – and then put these into action going forwards.

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