With all signs pointing towards coronavirus originating in bats that may have been eaten, many vegans are highlighting that the world’s consumption of meat is damaging and can cause harm to our ecosystem.

Renowned in her field as a spiritual teacher, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been addressing world leaders and government officials about changes she thinks should be made in order to help create a sustainable world for us all to live in. 

Ching Hai says that diligent conservation of humans and animals will balance the ecosystem which we all depend on. To do this, she lays out how important it is for humans to protect animals to curb any future damage to the earth and those on it.

Her message is grave. Chinga Hai says that the world is on the verge of falling apart, and that we’re already experiencing the damage we’re doing to it, with many animals extinct or on the verge of extinction. There’s also the rise in epidemics like the one we’re currently in the grip of, and climate change is an ever present danger that should concern us. Methane gas produced by livestock is one of the main culprits of global warming, and Ching Hai think the world’s greed and attempts at easy, convenient living are directly responsible for it. 

Ching Hai also views eating meat as morally wrong, and this, coupled with the reasons above, is why she wants people to embrace veganism across the planet. She’s no fan of capitalism, and says that business exploitation has taken the place of kindness and compassion, which is required for spiritual salvation.

Master Ching Hai views the vegan way of living as one of the best ways to restore the planet back to its former glory, and get back a piece of what we’ve lost along the way. She says that when we embrace veganism, the world will no longer have many of the pressing issues that plague us each day.

Is Supreme Master Ching Hai’s message a cry for help? She thinks so, and that’s why she wants help from the bigwigs in government who have the power to put through new regulations and make a change. 

Her sincerity is not in doubt, and those who subscribe to Ching Hai’s worldview are likely to view her words as hugely important as we all strive to make the world a better place. 

One thing’s for sure, after this current epidemic, things will not go back exactly to how they were, so we’re likely to see a number of viewpoints gain more creedence with the cracks that appear in the current system. Maybe Master Ching Hai is onto something.