Specialized Cladding and Siding Tools Website, Sitebuddyz.com, Launches with Innovative Offerings

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 11:19 pm

Sitebuddyz.com, an esteemed online store catering to the global demand for cladding and siding tools, is thrilled to announce its official launch. Founded by experienced carpenter and cladder, James Gibbens, this website aims to serve professional installers and DIY enthusiasts with a comprehensive range of precision tools designed specifically to meet their needs.

At Sitebuddyz.com, users can explore an extensive collection of top-quality tools, including the highly acclaimed Cladman, a one-man board hanging device invented by James Gibbens himself. The website proudly showcases James’ latest innovation, Flush-Joints, which received the prestigious Pro-tools Innovation Award in 2022. Moreover, the brand-new Sitebuddyz CladBlades range, featuring circular saw, angle grinder, and jigsaw blades, along with other innovative tools and accessories, are readily available for purchase.

As cladding and siding gain popularity worldwide, homeowners are increasingly seeking ways to reduce energy costs and enhance the visual appeal of their properties. Fiber cement weatherboards, renowned for their durability and low maintenance, have become particularly sought after. However, working with these heavier materials can be challenging without the use of specialized tools like those found at Sitebuddyz.com.

“We take great pride in designing tools that are created by cladders for cladders. Each tool undergoes rigorous testing on a wide range of timber and artificial boards, ensuring the highest quality and performance,” says James Gibbens. “Our tools are designed to save users time and money while delivering a premium, professional finish. Our mission is to make cladding installation easier, faster, and more cost-effective, benefiting property owners with beautiful, sustainable buildings and enabling installers to achieve greater success.”

Aside from offering exceptional tools, Sitebuddyz.com provides a wealth of cladding tips through its complimentary CladHacks section and James’ new YouTube channel. Customers can access informative articles and instructional videos to enhance their cladding projects.

James Gibbens shares his vision for Sitebuddyz.com, stating, “My dream is for Sitebuddyz to become the world’s most trusted one-stop-shop for specialist cladding and siding tools that you won’t find anywhere else. If our tools or tips help someone complete a job more efficiently or to a higher standard, it brings me immense satisfaction.”

Sitebuddyz.com is set to revolutionize the cladding and siding industry with its cutting-edge tools and valuable resources. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, the website is poised to become a go-to destination for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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