“SocialBox.Biz and Collaborators Leave a Lasting Mark on #EarthDay2024 and Beyond”

SocialBox.Biz, a tech innovator, is calling on UK businesses to make a difference this #EarthDay2024 by donating their unused laptops to help refugees and people experiencing homelessness. This initiative aims to not only reduce scope 3 emissions but also increase social impact.

In a statement released on Friday 19 April, 2024, SocialBox.Biz challenged existing and prospective partners to make donations that would leave a lasting impact. According to the company, a single laptop can make a significant difference in someone’s life by connecting them with educational and career opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise.

The #EarthDay2024 initiatives have been successful, thanks to partnerships with enterprises and organisations committed to making a difference and promoting eco-consciousness. Instead of recycling old tech, SocialBox.Biz advocates for local reuse, which can significantly reduce scope 3 emissions and have a positive social impact. The company accepts donations of old tech, wipes them clean of data, and uploads open source software to make them usable for recipients.

For the past decade, SocialBox.Biz has been working with respected charity organisations such as Migrant Help UK and Age UK London to distribute donated laptops and Macbooks to those in need, including homeless people, the elderly, and refugees. These donations have created lasting change in the lives of recipients.

Recently, SocialBox.Biz launched a ComptiaA+ program, which offers candidates the opportunity to receive their certification and work in the IT field. The company is proud to announce that their first student is currently studying for their ComptiaA+ certification. The aim is to expand this program to provide practical computer classes for people emerging from homeless shelters, including the elderly and refugees.

While there are mountains of old computers and tech in London alone, SocialBox.Biz believes that individuals and businesses have the power to change the future. By partnering with the company, businesses not only commit to a more eco-friendly way of disposing of old tech but also make a promise to help those in need. To find out how to make a lasting impact with SocialBox.Biz, visit their website at https://www.socialbox.biz/.

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