SML Unveils Clarity® RFID In Delivery Vehicle Solution for Streamlined Proof-of-Delivery

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 11:59 pm

SML, a renowned global leader in retail RFID technology and solutions, has introduced an innovative enhancement to its Clarity® Store solution, aimed at revolutionising stock receiving processes at destinations. This advancement employs fixed RFID readers ingeniously positioned in the ceilings of trailers and trucks to automate impeccable, hands-free proof of delivery at retail outlets.

In the current landscape, retailers grapple with the challenge of managing accurate information regarding last-mile product deliveries. The lack of transparent insight into product arrivals hampers precise inventory management. This predicament can swiftly lead to overstocking or understocking issues, ultimately translating into missed sales opportunities. The ensuing financial impact and reduced customer satisfaction serve as significant setbacks.

The novel feature integrated into Clarity® Store serves as a groundbreaking alternative, offering retailers real-time visibility into their crucial last-mile deliveries. This transformative solution is not only applicable to Distribution Center to retail store deliveries but also extends to last-mile logistics operations. The cutting-edge solution seamlessly melds RFID readers from PervasID with SML’s preeminent Clarity® RFID platform.

Operational within delivery vehicles, this technology orchestrates the item-level reading of all products housed within the vehicle between stops. The gathered data is then transmitted to the SML Clarity® cloud solution, harmonizing with the enterprise systems of retailers and logistics entities. Through this integration, inventory levels are updated in real-time, accompanied by comprehensive proof of delivery. Notably, this solution has already demonstrated over 99% accuracy in inventory levels during customer pilot programs. It has successfully read in excess of 5,000 items within delivery vehicles.

Dean Frew, the CTO & Senior Vice President of RFID Solutions at SML Group, expressed the significance of this innovation, stating: “Last-mile delivery continues to cause a number of challenges for retailers and logistics service providers, and challenges around inventory management adds operational costs and drives poor customer satisfaction. This new solution, leveraging PervasID technology, will remove those hurdles for retailers, enabling real-time visibility of deliveries and opening up a number of ROI levers for a spectrum of customers.”

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