Smart Drivers Outsmart Soaring Fuel Prices with Morrisons and JamDoughnut App

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:47 pm

As the cost of living skyrockets, consumers are feeling the financial strain, particularly due to the recent surge in fuel prices, which marks the largest monthly increase in two decades. However, astute drivers have discovered a savvy life hack that is effectively neutralising this rise: purchasing fuel at Morrisons petrol stations and benefiting from a 5% reduction in fuel costs.

According to the RAC, the latest surge in fuel prices is poised to tack an extra £4 onto every tank refill, leaving consumers dismayed by these sudden and unexpected expenditures. In response, hundreds of thousands of individuals across the UK have taken proactive steps to counteract rising fuel costs by selecting Morrisons petrol stations and leveraging the JamDoughnut App, which rewards them with an instant 5% cashback on fuel purchases. With the average fuel price now exceeding 145 pence per litre, these users are swiftly offsetting the substantial price hike.

Research conducted by JamDoughnut indicates that a staggering 78% of consumers have either already switched their preferred petrol stations or are actively exploring alternatives to mitigate the impact of these escalating costs.

With over 330 Morrisons petrol stations nationwide, consumers are discovering a pragmatic solution to combat the mounting cost of living crisis.

Angie Pugh, a devoted JamDoughnut user, enthusiastically shared her experience, stating, “I’ve already switched where I buy my fuel. Now, I fill up at Morrisons every time using JamDoughnut, and I also enjoy discounts on all my groceries from ALDI and ASDA.

JamDoughnut stands as the highest-rated cashback App in the UK, providing instant cashback with each purchase, whether made online or in-store. The app boasts an extensive network encompassing numerous major brands spanning groceries, food delivery, fashion, dining, and home improvement. It currently holds the top Trustpilot rating among cashback apps, with consumers collectively funneling millions of pounds through the app each month, resulting in an average annual saving of £500.

Recently, the app expanded its offerings to encompass money-saving tips, exclusive deals, and discounts. It serves as a comprehensive destination for consumers seeking to maximise their savings.

Founder James Walker remarked, “In our quest to save money, JamDoughnut is the only way to receive instant cashback. Our service has experienced significant growth of over 1,000% this year as more and more savvy consumers seek practical solutions to save money.

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