Simple ways to reduce expenditure before the end of the year

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 11:34 pm

How many times have you looked over your business’ accounts and wondered why you are spending so much? Well, having a large or small company can mean that you spend money for a lot of services that you may not have even known that your brand needed. If you’re looking to reduce your expenditure before the end of this year, here are some top tips to get you started.

LED Light bulbs

Running up to Christmas, now would be a good time to consider updating your office’s light bulbs from either halogen or even CFLS (compact fluorescent lamps) to LED lights. LED lights have a large advantage in that they can often be brighter and, more importantly, they use only 15% of the energy of the old-fashioned housing lights, as they do not waste generating heat. Whilst they can be costly upfront, winter time is the best season to install them and you can make your money back quickly in energy savings.

Combine your phone services

You can’t really have a company without having a phone service in place. The most effective form of communication between workers and clients is over the phone. It’s direct and helps you understand your customer’s main problems. However, having so many phone lines in operation can make you spend more than you realise. That’s why you should consider saving money by combining all of your communication services together. Cloud services and combined services, such as voice, data and mobile services by Gamma, can mean that you can keep your phone lines open without it eating away at your budget. It will also allow you to hook up different devices, such as mobile phones and laptops, to your selected data service without it costing you more money.

Barter for Goods and Deals

Now, your business may be bringing a good profit, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try to barter for some sweet business deals. Have a look on service websites, like Craigslist, that have bartering sections where you can buy goods, haggle prices and even make trades in return for specific goods or services. It’s the perfect thing if your office needs some improvements but you don’t want to spend any more money than you have to. Just remember that eventually you will need to come a deal once you have finished haggling.


As you are coming up to the end of the year, your employees are probably feeling very excited. They are planning the Christmas party and are probably considering where they are going for the holidays.  If you’re looking to save a little money, and don’t really want to ask any of your employees to take unpaid leave, why not close up your business for the holidays a little early? That way you can save money on their wages and also take some time to consider your work place’s budget, what you can save on in the future and also any office building bills. It will also give you a moment to relax and take a bit of a break. You deserve it!

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