ShotQuality Forms Strategic Alliance with Huddle, Pioneering Technology for Enhanced iGaming

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:49 pm

ShotQuality is delighted to unveil its strategic partnership with Huddle, a global frontrunner in delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to iGaming operators worldwide. This landmark collaboration will introduce ShotQuality’s Score Center and offer Huddle’s clients exclusive access to ShotQuality’s distinctive location data.

The revolutionary ShotQuality Score Center is poised to redefine real-time predictions for live games, elevating fan engagement and potentially enhancing bettors’ performance. Powered by ShotQuality’s state-of-the-art AI and computer vision algorithms, the predictions draw from precise location data for NCAA Men’s, NBA, and international basketball games. The Score Center will provide advanced insights, spotlighting teams and players that are surpassing or falling short of expectations, leveraging ShotQuality’s meticulously crafted algorithms based on the court positions of all players.

Simon Gerzberg, the visionary founder of ShotQuality, remarked, “Our relentless focus on extracting player location data from any game with a broadcast feed has positioned us to harness one of basketball’s most extensive data repositories. Initially embraced by top-tier coaches, this data swiftly found value among bettors as well. We’re thrilled about our collaboration with Huddle and the avenue it provides to introduce our innovative location data and Score Center to premier sportsbooks. This partnership ushers in a new era of predictive prowess and engagement within the sports betting realm.”

Dylan Mitchard, VP of Business Development at Huddle, affirmed, “Huddle’s ethos revolves around pioneering solutions that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. Our alliance with ShotQuality underscores our commitment to innovation, ushering in an unparalleled level of accuracy to our offerings.”

In the year 2023 alone, Huddle noted a remarkable surge in volume and hold percentage, with client hold percentages experiencing a notable increase of 3.65% for the NBA Conference Semifinals compared to the previous year. Paul Moen, Sports Risk Supervisor at Huddle, emphasised the significance of seamless execution in a milieu where every millisecond holds value. “In an environment where timing is critical, our partnerships with Genius Sports and now ShotQuality enable us to deliver the right odds at the right moment, every time,” he remarked.

By seamlessly integrating ShotQuality’s advanced location data and predictive analytics into its automated pricing and trading services, Huddle aspires to establish a new benchmark for industry accuracy, uptime, and customer satisfaction.

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