Shielding Your Business: The Significance of Insurance Amid Economic Turbulence

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:58 am

Recent news revealing a £147 million annual loss incurred by the British Business Bank (BBB) due to falling business valuations paints a concerning picture of the broader economic landscape. In a time when the cost of living is skyrocketing, interest rates are on the rise, and whispers of a looming recession persist, businesses and startups find themselves navigating treacherous waters filled with significant challenges and uncertainty.

The BBB’s substantial pre-tax loss, attributed to the devaluation of businesses it had invested in amid the harsh economic climate, underscores a harsh reality: even established businesses are not impervious to the financial impact of economic downturns.

It is evident that we are entering uncharted territory where conventional business strategies may no longer suffice. During periods of economic uncertainty, businesses encounter elevated risks such as dwindling revenue and investments, disruptions in supply chains, staffing concerns, and reduced consumer spending. Concurrently, the threats of property damage, lawsuits, and cybercrime remain ever-present.

Nonetheless, in the face of this uncertainty, proactive measures can be taken to prepare for the impending impact. At the forefront of these measures should be the acquisition of a robust insurance policy. Comprehensive business insurance offers a lifeline by providing financial protection and assistance in times of crisis.

Key components like business interruption insurance and liability insurance assume heightened importance when navigating turbulent conditions, particularly for startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Unforeseen and substantial expenses stemming from compensation claims or property damage can deal a devastating financial blow when the going gets tough. Comprehensive insurance steps in to absorb these costs, enabling companies to concentrate on continuity and recovery rather than being crippled by unforeseen bills.

Dean Laming, Managing Director at Brisco Business, emphasises: “In times of economic instability, adequate insurance coverage acts as a crucial buffer against external shocks. It can be the lifeline that keeps a business afloat when the unexpected strikes.”

He goes on to say, “We understand that investing in additional overheads is a tough sell against the backdrop of a cost-of-living crisis. But viewed as an investment in future resilience, there is simply no substitute for comprehensive business insurance.”

Brisco Business has been a reliable provider of specialised business insurance support throughout both prosperous and challenging times. With decades of expertise, they empower businesses to swiftly navigate and compare insurance quotes from a wide array of leading insurers.

Laming reaffirms: “We’ve worked with businesses across diverse sectors and have witnessed firsthand the power of insurance in safeguarding their future. Our priority is ensuring each client has a policy tailored to their unique risks and challenges. This bespoke approach is integral as the economy shifts and new threats emerge.”

The past few years have underscored the undeniable fact that the unexpected can and does occur. By taking proactive measures like investing in tailor-made insurance, businesses provide themselves with the strongest possible chance to weather economic adversity today and thrive once again tomorrow.

To discover more about Brisco Business and access their convenient online business insurance comparison service, please visit their website at

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