Serial Mogul Shane Quigley Reveals Secret to Wealth in Landmark Publication

Last Updated on: 18th February 2024, 05:24 pm

In an age where age-old doctrines appear to limit rather than enable, distinguished serial mogul Shane Quigley has launched an epoch-making book set to alter the course towards personal wealth. Dubbed “Break The Rules That Are Holding You Back,” Quigley’s latest venture compresses a lifetime of hands-on entrepreneurial prowess and self-evolution into an inspiring story replete with actionable counsel.

Evolving from an initial role at McDonalds to amassing billions in sales, Quigley’s volume extends beyond a mere guide to commerce. It probes deep into the convictions, attitudes, and methodologies vital for accessing extraordinary prosperity and liberty.

“Break The Rules That Are Holding You Back” urges the audience to challenge the established order, unearth their distinct potential, and pursue a life of wealth by discarding dated ideologies and societal barriers. Merging personal narratives, stimulating exercises, and pragmatic knowledge, Quigley provides a blueprint for those determined to reconstruct their lives on their conditions.

The release of the book has already attracted notice from business luminaries and personal growth devotees, marking it as an indispensable read for anyone eager to alter their outlook on achievement and personal gratification.

Shane remarked: “This book represents a lifetime of learning, often the hard way and I’m just glad to be able to give something back.

“Having two young children and thinking about what they want out of life, I wrote the book with the future version of them in mind. Hopefully they can surpass my achievements in the future and live fulfilling lives.

“This book is for anybody that wants to break free from their current day to day cycle and build a path towards a life of freedom and abundance.”

“Break The Rules That Are Holding You Back” is now available for purchase on Amazon.

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