At the end of 2020, the leading Russian producer of sunflower oil, Yug Rusi Group, signed an agreement with one of the world leaders in the production of equipment for the fat and oil industry for the construction of two vegetable oil filtration lines using the decanting method at the Rostov production site of LLC MEZ Yug Rusi.

“Upon implementation of the project, the final crude oil will have a higher degree of purification”, said Sergei Kislov, the founder of Yug Rusi Group and former owner of OAO NZNP. “At the same time, it will significantly increase the nutritional value of sunflower meal, which is an essential component of livestock feed.”

Implementation of the project will increase the demand for and competitiveness of the oil and meal produced by Yug Rusi Group in the Russian and international markets.

The project is scheduled to be implemented at the end of 2021.