Security Firm Unveils Specialized Service Expansion

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 11:39 pm

An esteemed cybersecurity company, pivotal in safeguarding the most sensitive assets, individuals, and data across the UK, has announced the expansion of its services. Advent IM, renowned for its involvement in security projects for various government departments over the past two decades, is now enhancing its offerings to existing government and defense clients while also extending its services to the private sector.

To address the growing demand for skilled cybersecurity personnel in managing or supporting intricate and resource-constrained security projects, the company has introduced Advent IM Outsource. This new service aims to assist clients in sourcing highly experienced and qualified experts in the field.

According to research conducted by recruitment agency Barclay Simpson, a staggering 85% of employers rely on contract or temporary resources to bolster their cybersecurity departments. However, 70% of these organizations admit that the qualifications and experience of these resources do not meet the requirements of their projects.

Mike Gillespie, Managing Director of Advent IM, stated, “The introduction of Advent IM Outsourcing builds upon our 20 years of consultancy experience, which our esteemed clients have grown to trust. It enables us to address the widely discussed skills gap within the industry effectively.”

“By deploying proficient individuals with proven skill sets, we can promptly and seamlessly bridge the gaps in an organization’s security infrastructure, while also providing exceptional oversight and people management capabilities,” Gillespie added.

Advent IM Outsource offers a comprehensive service that provides clients with skilled individuals or entire project teams for specified periods. The company’s senior security consultants expertly handle and oversee all aspects of recruitment, including interviews, vetting support, vetting confirmation, and onboarding/offboarding processes. This streamlined approach simplifies the otherwise cumbersome procedure, resulting in a straightforward one-contact, one-contract arrangement.

Leveraging their vast network of reliable and experienced associates, Advent IM Outsource can assemble teams or provide temporary resources tailored to the specific needs of clients. Whether organizations require security architects, risk assessors, policy writers, system assurers, product security analysts, or IT project managers, Advent IM Outsource can assist in filling these critical positions.

By adopting this approach, Advent IM Outsource ensures that each project receives the same level of expertise from senior security personnel. Clients will have a dedicated point of contact who handles all issues, escalations, and other project-related aspects, including project management if necessary.

Gillespie emphasized, “Working in this manner instills confidence in our clients, assuring them that the necessary skills and qualifications are in place to successfully complete their projects. This meticulous approach guarantees progress and instills a sense of safety and stability for all key stakeholders involved.”

In addition to extending this new service to their current clients in the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and central government, Advent IM Outsource is opening its doors to a broader range of organizations that possess valuable information assets. Whether they have new security projects or stalled initiatives that could benefit from the company’s wealth of experience, knowledge, and skilled personnel in the cybersecurity sector, Advent IM Outsource welcomes telecommunications companies, healthcare bodies, banking and finance organizations, transportation entities, and other government departments.

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