RJJ Software Founder Receives Managing Director of the Year Award

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 08:36 pm

RJJ Software is thrilled to announce that its founder and CTO, Jamie Taylor, has been honoured with the Managing Director of the Year award for Most Visionary Software Development & Consultancy MD at SME News’s annual Managing Director Awards.

Since its inception in 2017, SME News has been dedicated to recognising and celebrating Britain’s smaller businesses. Despite being the backbone of the economy, with SMEs representing 99.9% of businesses and 61% of employment in the UK, they often receive limited recognition from the media and traditional award schemes. The Managing Director of the Year Awards, part of SME News’s award scheme, aims to address this disparity. As the economy fluctuates and the influence of large corporations is questioned, more customers are turning to SMEs for their needs, as they offer flexible and sustainable solutions that benefit local economies.

RJJ Software, based in Leeds, exemplifies this type of company. Established in 2018, the company leverages agile methods and cutting-edge software to provide tailored software development and podcast production services to a diverse range of clients. Rooted in the local community, RJJ supports other SMEs in Yorkshire through its purchasing policies and has recently introduced an apprenticeship program to train local teenagers pursuing careers in technology.

As the founder of RJJ, Jamie brings an empathetic approach to communication and management, honed through his previous experience in teaching. He is also committed to continuous improvement, recognizing that there is always room to enhance the company’s performance. For Jamie and RJJ, growth doesn’t necessarily mean becoming larger; they take pride in their status as an SME and value the recognition bestowed upon them through this award.

With their flexible working practices and community outreach initiatives, RJJ demonstrates that success and doing the right thing can go hand in hand, while still leaving room for further growth.

“I will continue to strive forward with a growth mindset,” Jamie affirms. “We have plans to expand our operations and collaborate directly with business leaders in Leeds and beyond, raising awareness of both Leeds and the UK as a whole.”

SMEs play a crucial role in the economy, and the Managing Director of the Year Award celebrates Jamie and RJJ’s success in fulfilling that role with excellence.

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