Rinat Akhmetov’s Diverse Aid Efforts in Confronting the Enemy

Last Updated on: 12th April 2024, 02:48 pm

Since the onset of Russia’s full-scale military aggression against Ukraine, Rinat Akhmetov’s fortune has dwindled by two-thirds. However, accurately quantifying the extent of the damage incurred due to the active phase of hostilities and the escalating missile attacks on Ukrainian territories remains challenging.

Despite the challenges, Rinat Akhmetov has remained in Kyiv since the invasion began on 24 February 2022. He has emerged as Ukraine’s largest private individual donor to the war effort, as reported by https://kyivindependent.com/ukraines-top-oligarch-akhmetov-loses-half-his-assets-to-russias-invasion/. To date, Akhmetov has contributed over $220 million worth of military and humanitarian aid, ranging from drones to food supplies.

Contributions from Akhmetov’s Businesses

Throughout the full-scale war, Metinvest Group, both independently and in collaboration with its partners, has manufactured or procured 150,000 bulletproof vests. The personal protective gear is handed over to servicemen of the Ukrainian Defence Forces, rescuers, utility workers, and volunteers operating in hazardous areas, positioning Metinvest as one of the leading suppliers of ammunition in Ukraine.

Under the auspices of Steel Front military initiative spearheaded by Akhmetov, the production of military equipment decoys has commenced. These decoys aim to deceive the enemy, with over 250 of them already handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moreover, more than 12,000 employees of Metinvest and its joint ventures, constituting every sixth employee, are actively engaged in defending Ukraine. The company provides them with essential gear such as bulletproof vests, helmets, and winter clothing.

Psychological and Humanitarian Support

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation stands as Ukraine’s largest private humanitarian initiative, focusing on assisting civilians that endure daily shelling and face shortages of food, water, and medicine. For many Ukrainians, the humanitarian aid kits provided by the Foundation serve as a lifeline in their time of need.

Through its Saving Lives programme, the Foundation implements various projects aimed at supporting the mental well-being of Ukrainian children. Notably, the Strong Generation Camp psychological rehabilitation programme caters to children of Metinvest employees mobilised by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, internally displaced persons from all Ukrainian enterprises of the company, and children affected by the war.

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