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Remember the name: Nzo is bringing their game-changing new product to the vape market

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:01 pm

Millions of ex-smokers have broken free from their cigarette addiction in recent years by embracing the vaping revolution, and the huge positive trend shows no sign of slowing down. There are millions more who haven’t yet made the transition, but now there’s a brand new vaping device that looks to be the motivation they need to make the leap into healthier living.

A company called Nzo is a huge new player in the vaping game that’s taking the whole industry by storm. One big reason for this is its new, pocket-friendly closed pod vape system. Imagine taking the smooth, sleek look of luxury Italian sports cars and transforming it into a compact vape pen. That’s just what Nzo have gone and done.

Set to be released on 1st November, they’re launching their eye-catching new device at the Vaper Expo in Birmingham held from 25th to 27th October. The key to this vape pen is its sheer simplicity. There are no unnecessary buttons or dials to confuse new vapers. You just choosing a tantalising array of e-juice flavours that come in their sealed juice pods, then pop them in and vape. There’s no messing around with topping up juice tanks that can make regular vaping seem so complicated. It’s quick and effortless, as simple as a cigarette while removing the health risks.

Nzo is also going a step further when compared to their rivals, increasing battery life on their devices by 40% when stacked up against other vape systems, so users never need to worry about being caught short when they’re out and about. Plus, in a further showing of just how advantageous Nzo’s new vape is, they’re setting the price much cheaper compared to their rivals. A starter pack with a charging cable and a pod will begin at just £19.99, with additional pods coming in packs of three for £9.99. This price betters the current market leaders out there, who now must be concerned about their pricing model.

Speaking on behalf of Nzo, Irshad Kara sees the huge potential this product has:

“Nine million people put their lives at risk by smoking and many of these haven’t even considered vaping as a way to quit. A lot think vaping is complicated. So, we wanted an alternative that is stylish, compact and very easy to use. All you have to do is select a flavour from our range and slot a pod into the nzo battery device. As well as making quitting as easy as possible, our research indicated that a stylish look for a vaping device was vital. Customers want portability, no liquid spills and a long battery life.”

Others in the vape industry have seen the promise in Nzo’s bold new venture too. They have already secured a leading partner for their UK launch, collaborating with British e-juice makes Red Liquids Ltd, we are also joint Platinum Sponsors at the Vape Expo. Red Liquids are a trusted, safety-conscious brand who are bringing their exceedingly high-quality juices to Nzo’s vape system. The pods will come with six of their flavours at launch, with another four on the way.

Red Liquid’s MD Mark Shaw, is thrilled with the new partnership:

“We are delighted to have been selected by nzo as their partners for this launch. Having successfully built a strong global brand over the past 18months we believe Red Liquids Ltd is perfectly positioned to help nzo achieve its commercial aspirations for mutual benefit.”

For millions of smokers who want to quit, and millions of vapers looking for a sleek, easy new system to enjoy, Nzo are ticking all the right boxes where it counts.

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