Rayotec Unveils Revolutionary New Electric Underfloor Heating Thermostat

Last Updated on: 13th May 2024, 05:02 pm

Rayotec, a family-owned business now in its second generation, specialising in electric underfloor heating and solar repair and maintenance, is delighted to introduce the new Rayotec Coloursense Wi-Fi electric underfloor heating thermostat. This advanced thermostat has been designed to enhance both user-friendliness and visual appeal, setting a new standard for managing home heating systems.

The latest product in Rayotec’s range, this new thermostat features a number of enhancements that prioritise simplicity and efficiency. Its intuitive colour touch screen display makes adjusting settings effortless, providing a user experience that is as simple as sliding a dial side-to-side. The LCD screen offers clear visibility and contributes to the modern, streamlined design of the interface. According to Rayotec, the Coloursense Wi-Fi thermostat is “the easiest thermostat to set up that we have ever supplied,” with an easy-to-navigate onscreen menu that simplifies setting heating schedules.

Wi-Fi connectivity is a significant feature of the thermostat, allowing users to control their home’s electric underfloor heating from anywhere via a smartphone app. This adds convenience and flexibility, enabling users to fine-tune their heating settings from afar, ensuring energy costs are minimised while maintaining a welcoming and comfortable environment.

The thermostat’s sleek design reflects Rayotec’s commitment to functionality and aesthetic appeal. Unlike other fully touch screen thermostats that can be bulky and unsightly, the Coloursense’s slim, minimalistic design allows it to integrate flawlessly into any home décor, complementing modern living spaces. Feedback from customers highlights how futuristic the new thermostat looks compared to previous models.

“We are thrilled to introduce our new Coloursense electric underfloor heating thermostat to the market,” said Reza Sabba, General Manager of Rayotec. “We’ve listened to our customers and learned that ease of use and having compact but attractive design were their top priorities. We believe that the new Rayotec Coloursense electric underfloor heating thermostat excels in both areas.”

This new thermostat is more than a mere heating control—it represents a leap towards smarter, more responsive home heating solutions. Now available for purchase, it promises to elevate the home heating experience for customers.

For more details on the new Rayotec electric underfloor heating thermostat, visit https://www.rayotec.com/electric-underfloor-heating.

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