Quartix Launches Innovative Connected Dashcam for Expanding Telematics Operations

Last Updated on: 9th March 2024, 05:36 pm

Quartix Technologies plc, at the forefront of providing subscription-based telematics services and systems, is excited to unveil a new addition to its telematics offerings with the introduction of a cutting-edge connected dashcam.

The company has made its entrance into the video telematics market with the introduction of this state-of-the-art connected dashcam solution, starting in the UK and with plans to make it available in the US towards the end of 2024.

This latest offering holds particular relevance for clients in sectors such as construction, HVAC, electrical services, as well as for housing associations and municipal councils, underlining its significant value.

Quartix remains committed to its strategy of offering excellent value for money with this new connected dashcam lineup, boasting specifications that rival those of other providers in the market. This initiative aims to extend Quartix’s reach to new customer demographics and alter the industry’s perception of the cost-effectiveness of connected dashcams as they become more widely adopted.

Sean Maher, Sales Director at Quartix, shared: “We are delighted to be able to offer our UK customers this additional value-added service at a price which is aligned to our vehicle tracking service – and all whilst knowing that with Quartix you really do get the best support and service in the market today.”

Quartix’s position as a rapidly growing telematics provider in the UK is set to strengthen in 2024, with an ambitious strategy to continue providing top-notch fleet tracking services and exceptional customer support.

The company’s partnership with significant entities, such as The Procurement Partnership Ltd (TPPL), which facilitates UK government tenders through approved partners, highlights its esteemed reputation.

Sean further remarked: “Quartix secured its place on the TPPL framework which allows us to work with many public sector organisations. On review of the tender Quartix submitted, TPPL granted its members the ability to direct award to us. This means the organisation does not need to enter long drawn-out tender exercises.”

Additionally, this month marked Quartix’s accreditation by CHAS, affirming its status as a trusted supplier.

The growth of Quartix’s core fleet business is notable, with a 13% increase in vehicle subscriptions, bringing the total to 266,568 units.

The company’s expansion is evident not only in the UK and France but also in new territories across Europe, demonstrating Quartix’s broadening influence.

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