Project LESS to Relocate Headquarters to Milan, Italy this Summer

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:45 pm

PRJCT LESS, the Arab world’s audacious and innovative fashion brand, has announced plans to relocate its headquarters to Milan, Italy this summer. The relocation is set to bring a range of benefits for the brand, including improved logistics, access to manufacturing facilities and increased opportunities for collaboration with creative professionals.

In an upcoming interview with Vogue, the founder of PRJCT LESS explained that the decision to move to Milan was driven by a desire to take the brand to the next level. “Milan is a global hub for fashion and design, and we believe that relocating our headquarters there will help PRJCT LESS tap into the many opportunities that the city offers,” he said.

Improved logistics is one of the key benefits of the move to Milan, as the Italian city is well-connected to other major cities in Europe and beyond. This will make it easier for PRJCT LESS to source materials, manufacture its products and distribute them to customers around the world.

The relocation is also expected to provide PRJCT LESS with access to a larger pool of creative talent. Milan is home to numerous top fashion and design schools and a thriving community of designers, photographers and other professionals. This will make it easier for PRJCT LESS to find and collaborate with the best talent in the industry.

The move to Milan is seen as a bold and strategic move for PRJCT LESS. By positioning itself in the heart of Europe’s fashion and design industry, the brand hopes to take its business to new heights and become a major player in the global fashion scene.

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