ProfitDuel, a Successful UK Matched Betting Firm, Expands Its ‘Side Hustle’ to the USA

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 09:20 pm

ProfitDuel, a matched betting firm renowned for its OddsMonkey platform, is gearing up to replicate its UK success in the United States.

The company has been helping ordinary people in the UK generate profits through its OddsMonkey platform, and now it’s extending its services to Americans.

While the online gambling market in the USA is currently relatively small, with an estimated value of $7.62 billion this year, statistics indicate a predicted annual growth rate of around 17 percent. This growth is expected to double the market’s value to over $14 billion by 2027, and ProfitDuel aims to capitalise on this potential.

Matched betting is a proven method of earning extra income from the comfort of one’s home, requiring only as much time as individuals can spare. It involves a small initial investment to activate free bets, but this money is never lost. The goal is to convert free bets provided by online bookmakers into profits by placing opposing wagers against each other. It’s a win-win situation—regardless of the outcome, you make money!

Jack Taylor, CEO of ProfitDuel, stated, “Our UK arm OddsMonkey has been a huge success and we think we can do it all again in the US. At present we are only operating in New Jersey, but hope to go live soon in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming – then we will be able to help people there earn from their own homes – as long as they follow the advice.”

“Americans, like the rest of the world, have been hit by higher costs and plenty of household budgets could do with a boost. Matched betting is a fantastic side hustle – no having to work two jobs or sacrifice precious family time.”

“ProfitDuel can help people profit from free bets and bookmakers’ offers, using a tried and tested route to success. All they need to do is follow the strategy and use the ProfitDuel software to get those extra dollars in their wallets. Matched betting is completely legal and does not affect credit score at all.”

“The success of OddsMonkey in the UK means we have a huge community of matched betters to help share expertise and maximise profits. And, as no sports or gambling knowledge is necessary anyone can do it.”

“We believe matched betting is a great concept that will sweep the country. When we are able to offer our services more widely thousands of people will benefit once again proving the US to be ‘a land of opportunity’ for both ProfitDuel and our customers.”

“Check out the testimonials on our website ( or read the independently verified news stories to hear how our customers have benefitted.”

ProfitDuel offers a free trial so people can test the waters and see if the system works for them. After the trial, the subscription costs $39 per month, currently available for a limited time at the special rate of $1.

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