As part of increasing the investment literacy of novice investors, the PlasmaPay payment system launches an online educational course on blockchain technologies and new digital currencies. The program of the course is ranked by the level of training of students and includes both the basic knowledge and skills required for inexperienced investors and specialized blocks for more advanced users.

The course will be available in the basic English version and supplemented with subtitles in all key languages. This approach will make the course accessible and understandable for all listeners, regardless of geography.

According to the PlasmaPay founder, even experienced investors are easier to perceive information in their native language. And if the listener is a novice investor, it is important to explain to him the basic laws and principles of the market from the very beginning and in the easiest way possible.

The pervasive penetration of new blockchain technologies and the growing popularity of cryptocurrency as a new payment and investment tool today encourage the growth in the number of new market participants. However, states and regulators of all countries are concerned about high risks for inexperienced users. According to the poing of view of Ilya Maksimenka, the companies of the market, as well as key speakers and the media, should take an active part in increasing the investment literacy of inexperienced investors.

“All market participants today are responsible for new users. There is no competition in this sphere, so each of us should contribute to the development of the community, “Ilya Maksimenka states.

PlasmaPay invites representatives of companies, associations, research and scientific centers, as well as experienced users to participate in the educational project. “We invite to cooperation both experienced speakers and experienced users who have gained considerable experience in working with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. If you have a rich experience and you are ready to share it, we will be glad to cooperate “, says Ilya Maksimenka.

If you wish to participate in the project, please send the filled application form, indicating the name and contact details, company and position or other status (for example, “experienced user”) and the topic that you would like to discuss in your lectures:

“We also invite media representatives who monitor the market and its key changes, trends and innovations daily,” points out Maksimenka.

The course program, the list of speakers, and the list of key platforms where you can gain access to the lectures, will be published in the company’s blog on Medium. All updates can be tracked via channels in Telegram.