Hertfordshire-based Pith & Stem Launch Environmentally Friendly Home Desk Working solution

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:03 pm

Will the worldwide pandemic change how we think about climate change? One company who faced the challenges of the last year, with one eye on the future, is Pith & Stem.

Recognising that more and more of us are working remotely due to covid-19, they designed a workstation that is sustainable and turns condemned materials into “something beautiful that will be cherished for generations.”


Twenty-eight-year-old Stefan Husanu is the man behind the company. Over the last year, he was inspired to create the DropTop, a convenient home desk solution for remote workers who want to reduce their environmental impact.

DropTop is a workstation that comes pre-fitted with cabling and monitors and transforms into wall art when not in use. It is made almost entirely from recycled and sustainable materials.

Ultimately, Pith & Stem’s goal is to use materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill or incinerator. Husanu discussed this, adding: “We have available to us a wealth of reclaimed materials, already extracted and processed… These materials can’t be used everywhere but can look much better than virgin materials when used correctly.”

Mr Husanu added that the DropTop is a product that isn’t just for Covid lockdowns, with a need for us to move to a different type of future which reconsiders how we do business.

He added: “We simply cannot afford a future where everyone travels to work every day. The pandemic proved that hundreds of millions of people can work from home, which comes with huge environmental benefits and we are on a mission to make working from home easy, stylish and fun.”

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