Pearl Lam Talks to British Artist Sam Cox, AKA Mr Doodle, About Finding Love, Exploring Space, and Engaging a New Generation with His “Graffiti Spaghetti”

International gallerist Pearl Lam has recently interviewed British contemporary artist Sam Cox, known as Mr Doodle, for an episode of The Pearl Lam Podcast. The episode, available at, was released to mark the opening of Mr Doodle’s highly anticipated solo exhibition ‘Mr Doodle in Space’ at Pearl Lam Galleries in Hong Kong.

Mr Doodle has grown an impressive Instagram following of nearly three million followers, and is known for transforming doodling into a recognised and celebrated contemporary art form. The exhibition invites viewers to join Mr and Mrs Doodle as they travel through various whimsical worlds in space, and see if they can make it back to DoodleLand before Mr Doodle’s evil twin, Dr Scribble, eradicates doodles from the universe.

The artist, who calls his work “graffiti spaghetti”, says his intention has always been to create a universal doodle language that everyone can relate to. He also has a real-life Mrs Doodle, baby Doodle and Doodle Dog who all live in his hand-painted ‘Doodle house’ in South-East England. When asked about his ambitions for the future, he said he would love to “doodle a whole town”.

For Pearl Lam, the exhibition marks a milestone in her commitment to promoting innovative artistic expressions. She said: “We are thrilled to present ‘Mr Doodle in Space’ at Pearl Lam Galleries. His captivating and whimsical creations will transport viewers into a world of imagination and wonder, demonstrating the transformative power of art.”

The exhibition will be on show at Pearl Lam Galleries in Hong Kong until the 20th January, 2024. Learn more about Mr Doodle at

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