Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov about VALTEC: “Made in Italy – Sold Worldwide”

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The first association with Italian products is not quality but cost. 

Mentioning Italian products, people think about price rather than quality. Nevertheless, the reality is totally different. Multiplying Italian quality by speed and capacity of Chinese manufacturing and Russian determination and exactingness, you will get a unique and innovative breakthrough VALTEC TM is about. Run by inspiring and ambitious Pavel Melnikov, the company proves that high quality at a reasonable cost can go side by side, but only if you go for satisfied customers rather than extra profit. 

Key Facts about Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov

Born on August 14, 1964, in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg, Russia), Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov is the founder of the biggest Russia-based plumbing supplier Vesta Regions LLC. 

Currently, Pavel Melnikov keeps over 100 patents for different products in the plumbing industry and some well-known trademarks, including TENRAD, BRIXIS, MINKOR, and VALTEC. These brands are appreciated far beyond Russia for their excellent quality, leading engineering ideas, and reasonable pricing policies. 

Primary Steps to Success

From childhood, Pavel has been interested in new ideas, concepts, discoveries, and innovations. In 1979, he entered an energetic college in Leningrad. There, he got a degree with honors in the field of Electronic Equipment of Industrial Enterprises and Machines.

After college, Pavel was drafted into the army, but it hasn’t decreased his passion for new ideas and purposes. Leningrad mechanical college (which is now Baltic State Technical University “Voenmeh” after D.F. Ustinov) became the next stage in his life and career.  There, he also got a degree with honors in Electronic Equipment, proving his unique approach and flame for new solutions.

At the beginning of the 90s, the life and career of Pavel Melnikov started to progress rapidly. Working as a plumbing technician, he acknowledged how much development, advancement, and optimization the Russian plumbing and heating market requires. Such considerations helped him start his first project, which would easily match contemporary quality and demand. Currently, 30 years after Pavel has made a life-changing decision, VALTEC is approved to be one of the most known brands in the plumbing industry. 

VALTEC TM: History of Success

Implementation of European samples, specifically pipes, became the first step on Pavel’s way toward the appearance of his own developments. However, their durability, quality, and resistance to various environments didn’t meet the requirements of the Russian climate and methods of use. At that time, Pavel Melnikov claimed that it was the time he realized that Russian engineering systems required a different type of pipes, resistant to higher pressure and water heating temperature.

As Melnikov didn’t have a trustworthy manufacturing platform, he decided to cooperate with Italian producers. They helped him succeed in the creation and establishment of his brand. Additionally, they made a significant contribution to make Italy-based production for the Russian market a reality. 

In 2002, VALTEC TM manufactured its first plumbing goods that made them leaders in the area. All the processes and technologies were patented by a unique person who completely changed the Russian market. 

VALTEC Manufacturing: Effective Optimization

Currently, VALTEC is an exclusively Russian-Italian brand, just as it was in the very beginning. Versatile, effective, and wide production of the company started attracting international experts from China, Spain, Germany, and Turkey, but supervisory functions are granted to Russian specialists only. Pavel Melnikov is convinced that their unique skills and knowledge of the production process helps to retain genuine quality and advance goods at every single step.

Insurance and a 10-year warranty that comes with VALTEC products are quite convincing features that prove the high quality of plumbing items. Contact control and impeccable quality considerably decrease fault and malfunction. Apart from the basic products, Pavel’s team offers a special series of advanced ball valve “PERFECT” that comes with a 15-year warranty.

Regular testing and certification are just parts of the VALTEC quality control process. Perfect distribution of the manufacturing process makes VALTEC TM unique on the market:

  1.   Simple items are manufactured in China, while more complicated – in Italy. However, final products are assembled in Russia, which helps to balance quality and price.
  2.   Striving to keep the high quality of the goods and avoid significant transportation-related price increases, the question of selecting the place for manufacturing is decided by the user’s location.
  3.   With the help of the multi-stage control system, usual concerns about the quality of products manufactured in China are not relevant. Highly qualified and experienced staff watch the process to avoid any failures in the production process.
  4.   VALTEC products have been actively used for equipment and reconstruction for well-known architectural places: Mikhailovsky Theatre, St. Peter and Paul Fortress, Bocharox Ruchey, and others. 

Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov: Engineer, Innovator, Developer, and Businessman

An ability to implode the innovational technologies and present them to the market is the key talent of Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov. Being an innovator does not exclude other opportunities. Thus, Pavel Melnikov manages to be a successful engineer, developer, and businessman.

  •     2008 was the year when Pavel made one of his first investments. This was the way to start long-lasting cooperation with China, which is still relevant today;
  •     Later in 2009, he started “NovaTerm,” a new company that was used to set partnership with the leading heating producers in Italy, selling their goods in Russia;
  •     Next year, he focused on giving his licensing rights to some trademarks, such as VESTA trading, Minkor, Tenrad, Brixis, and others.

Nowadays, Pavel Melnikov owns numerous influential companies, including Luch, Moscow Region, BIS No. 1, Vesta Trading, and Energoresurs. He strives to enlarge the list of services and products, providing customers with unique quality and competitive prices.

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