Jumia, the Pan-African e-commerce platform, has partnered with Contentsquare, the global leader in user experience (UX) analytics software, as part of a drive to deliver best in breed digital experiences to their customers. The decision was driven by a company-wide ambition to deliver seamless on-site experiences and rapidly identify any friction points in the onsite customer journey.

Jumia’s approach is somewhat unique in the industry as it does not utilise a testing tool. It made this strategic decision in order to save development and action requisite changes time, which allows them to operate in an extremely agile fashion. When Jumia makes optimisation changes, these are pushed live straight away, instead of them having to conduct A/B tests and awaiting an outcome to make a decision. This makes the importance of correct decision making and clear prioritisation all the more crucial as Jumia’s need to rely on data is fundamental to its online success.

Duncan Keene, UK Managing Director, Contentsquare, commented: “Increasingly, more purchases are made online, via marketplaces like Jumia. So, enabling those marketplaces to operate more efficiently using comprehensive analytics solutions like Contentsquare that provide actionable insight in near real-time, not only boosts productivity but also improves customer journeys. This is key to remaining competitive in any ecommerce business. Jumia has already benefited from our digital experience platform, helping prepare the marketplace for a successful rollout of its personalised product recommendation tool.”

Contentsquare’s platform fits neatly into Jumia’s existing technology stack, enabling it to rapidly identify areas of focus and understand why online visitors behave in specific ways. As Jumia prepares to roll out its in-house personalised product recommendation tool, Contentsquare’s openness and ease of integration are crucial to continue improving and iterating on the tool based off of data.

Omar Fathallah, Head of Onsite Merchandising at Jumia points to the technology’s data visualisation as a key differentiator: “Contentsquare allows us to visualise the customer journey with any segment, over any time frame, on any device. This means we can better understand our users and, in turn, provide them with the best possible personalised user experience. Contentsquare is now being used by everyone across the Jumia digital team, helping us make better optimisation decisions based on the granular visitor behaviour we have found through the tool.” Jumia is currently utilising Contentsquare’s new personalised dashboards to track their homepage and category page performances.

Moving forward, Jumia hopes to utilise some of Contentsquare’s latest product features such as retroactive backgrounds and triggered session replay, whereby it can see an exact screen recordings of how everyone behaves on the checkout to transform their entire checkout journey and experience.